Pakistan’s ultimate healer – Imran

Stanley Wolpert an American author while paying glowing tribute to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said these golden words “Few individuals significantly alter the course of history, Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited in creating a nation-state Muhammad Ali Jinnah did all the three”. 11 September 1948 the day we lost the father of nation his deputy Shaheed Liaqat Ali Khan followed Quaid’s foot print but enemies of Pakistan did not like it and a conspiracy was hatched against Pakistan as a result he was assassinated on 15 October 1951 while addressing public meeting in Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi. Since then the country witnessed how democratic norms were crushed to gain personal benefits. The country came under the grip of elite and selfish leaders who deliberately destroyed the basic spirit of democracy advocated by our Quaid. The lovers of democracy joined hands with mafias and established their own kingdoms where ordinary person had no say. For 35 years’ military rulers ruled the country but became hostage in the hands of democracy lovers in seeking legitimacy ultimately landed in trouble and met with failure. Briefly let us recount the events. The military ruler Ayub Khan was deposed by Gen Yahya Khan. Gen Yahya was removed by military after loss of East Pakistan and military installed Bhutto. Bhutto was removed by Gen Zia on rigging elections. Gen Zia was killed in alleged managed air crash. BB came in to power and era of corruption started that led to her dismissal. Nawaz Sharif was brought in who was also removed on corruption charges, succeeded again by BB who was again dismissed on corruption charges and once again Nawaz Sharif was brought in who was dismissed by Gen Musharraf when he tried to retire him when he was returning from Sri Lanka. Gen Musharraf on the behest of US gave NRO to both the leaders legitimizing their all sins, later on was forced to resign and paved way for Asif Ali Zardari to become President by gaining sympathy votes due to assassination of BB. Both these parties turn by turn ruled the country and indulged in massive corruption and stashed looted money in foreign banks. All efforts by Gen Musharraf failed to retrieve the looted money
Now comes on the scene a Messiah Imran Khan Chairman PTI who decided to take on the corrupt politicians. A very difficult task indeed when the entire machinery stands corrupted with scores of mafia loaded with money to support the corrupt and were successful in thwarting his intensions partially. Had Stanley Wolpert alive today he would have said about Imran Khan that “One individual who is determined can uproot the nexus of corruption and can alter the fate of people, it is Imran Khan and nobody else but Imran Khan”.
IK biggest achievement in the history of Pakistan is that he challenged the status quo and succeeded in breaking the myth that only two parties have the right to rule the country defeated them and became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. It was a big shock to both the parties but they had no choice because people had voted him to power while establishment stood at hisback. Since he did not get majority votes to form government independently thereforehad no choice except to make a coalition government. By doing this he became hostage in the hands of coalition partners therefore failed to fully implement his manifesto, but did provide relief to poor people. Let us recount his achievements before his removal.
Construction amnesty scheme, progress on CPEC, construction of new dams, new legislation against money laundering,new legislation for the protection of woman,current account deficit, foreign Reserves, foreign remittance, one nation one curriculum, Kamyab, Regorms Bureaucracy,Ahsas emergency relief funds,
High Speed Broad Band services for backward areas
Roshan Digital Account initiative
Ahsas undergraduate Scholarship
Asha’s Nashunama program
Ahsas Amdan program
Ahsas Langar
Sehat card
Sons agha r Housing,
Overseas voting Machine (EVM),
Less protocol,
Small residence instead PM House,
Auction of Luxury cars,
Kisan program,
Ahsas Kafalat program,
No compromise on corruption,
Investigation against own allies,
Green Stimulus program
1.1 Trillion Karachi package,
Karachi BRT,
Firm stand on blasphemy and Islamophobia,
Globally recognized address in UN,
Increased Exports,
6th most popular world leader,
Citizen Portal app, Kartarpur Corridor opening,
On arrival visa for 45 countries,
New Tourist Hotspot Pakistan,
Release of prisoners from foreign jails,
Registration of Madrasahs,
Minimum wage for labor,
BRT Peshawar,
New universities, Highest Tax Revenue,
Less foreign visits,
No more do more,
Digital Pakistan Initiative,
NAB recoveries,
SME Asan Finance Scheme,
Greater Budget for education,
Crackdown against land grabbing,
Power Relief for industries,
Effective tackling of Covid -19.
We can add many more achievements the list is fairly long and un ending, the fact remains the muck created over 70 years could not be cleaned in short period of 3 years, it required more effort and time.
in fact, these achievements and his growing popularity has unnerved the government therefore they want to create as many hurdles they could. Large number of cases including funny charge of terrorism on IK speaks volumes of mindset of the government but this is not going to help at all, it is good that terrorism charge has been dropped. Social media has taken over control of our morality and they are free to create fabricated stories to malign leaders of all the political parties. Media has been important tool to control and describe facts based on ground realities. Journalists have turned into politicians and openly side with the party of their choice thus have lost their credibility. The state TV that is supposed to keep balance between treasury and opposition has become tool in the hands of government. Uploading of cut paste fake culture of video clips has become order of the day. Government instead of crackdown on such elements busy in encouraging them little realizing its consequences. State media is busy in character assassination of most popular leader of the country. The language used by Minister for Information against Chairman PTI is highly objectionable and without any rationale, lately state media try to project their main opponent follower of non islamic values that has simply shocked the nation. IK speech made in the UN made him hero in the world and specially the Muslims all over were highly indebted to IK in explaining the world that Islam teaches patience and tolerance and love and respect for all communities. There is no concept of hate inIslam it preaches peace and not war.
Lodging FIR’s against opponents is not the solution to the problem. The message is very loud and clear it is time to sit and decide date of election without any delay. People are not in mood to wait for long period. People are in agony due to severity of flood water that has destroyed their homes and washed away the belongings. They are without food water and shelter but government has not reached them. Aid received from friendly countries is being grossly misused. Leaders at local level are least bothered. Mosquito nets received instead distributing to flood affectees are being stored in go downs for open sale in the market. The nation has suffered enough and is not in position to bear further burden, economic disaster has made life difficult, it needs collective effort so come to the solution that lies in early election any other option will not harm the parties but the country
In the words of Maulana Rumi “The pathway that lies before me, only my Creator knows
I’ll trust Him to unfold the moments, Just He unfolds the rose”