‘Sarhane Meer Ke’ by Ahmad Nesar


Muhammad Nesar Khan, pen name Ahmad Nesar was born in Awrang Abad Bihar on 16th of June 1967. His educational qualification is E.Com and business is his profession. He has tried his luck in poetry, journalism and art also and has successfully managed to gain prominence in all the three fields. Among the present day Urdu poets and literary figures whose works are considered as the greatest contribution for extension of the horizons of Urdu poetry and literature, Ahmad Nesar’s name is of utmost importance.
For the last three and four decades Ahmad Nesar has been writing the Urdu poetry thereby giving shape to his thoughts, emotions and life experiences. He is an expert of Urdu Ghazal and poems. In his poetry one can find the truths of present, rising social and community evils and moral degradation with an appeal to raise the moral and ethical values.
So for Ahmad Nesar has compiled four poetry collections, Waliel in 2006, Apne Virud in 2011 and Breg Umeed in 2015. His poetry collection which is under my review at present is his fourth in the series. “Sarhane Meer Ke” is his fourth poetry collection (collection of Ghazals) published by Falak Publication. This book is spread over 160 pages of excellent quality. Its cover page is eye catching.
According to Ahmad Nesar, Mir Taqi Mir is the all time god of Urdu ghazals, so has he named his ghazal collection as Sarhane Meer Ke. Saleem Ansari from Jabalpur has written some thought provoking and excellent lines about the author and beauty of the book on the cover page of the book. Dr Gh Nabi Kumar from Kashmir has also penned some beautiful lines about this book. It’s foreword “ahista bolo” is written by Dr Rouf Khair.
Meraj Ahmad Meraj has also written a short paragraph which can be seen on the back side of the book. Ahmad Nesar has dedicated this collection of ghazals to his spouse Nasreen Rizvi (Ruhi) and lone daughter Afreen Fatima.
This beautiful book is a collection of 84 ghazals of varied themes. Almost all the ghazals are written in simple and comprehensive wording which can be understood by even a non-Urdu reader. On its page number 21 the last couplet of the opening ghazal Tafri Ka Mere Liye Samaan Aagaya is the excellent one depicting the troubles coming in our way while trying to live a pleasing life, “Sar Sabz Manzroon Ne Muje Di Thi Taazgi”, “Phir Rah Guzar Main Meri Biyan Baan Aagaya”. In its 3rd ghazal “Kaano Main Kaha Aake Hawa Ne Nahi Milte” the last couplet “Magmoom Balaoun Se Hai Shadab Alaqa”, “Kashmir Ko Hasne Ke Bahane Nahi Milte” depicts the deplorable condition of the people of valley. Ahmad Nesar’s unique technique and usage of simple Urdu words in his ghazals is infusing life in them as can be felt from the one on its 28th page “Zid Samander Ki Ho Mitane Ki”, “Khud Kinare Pa Doob Jawoun Main”. The last couplet of this fantastic ghazal is showing the love of the poet for his motherland “Aarzo Bas Yehi Nesar Meri”, “Apni Miti Main Lehlawoun Main”. This couplet of the poet depicts his unique style of composing the ghazals “Sitara Todna Tha Mujko Asmano Se”, “Khade Huwe Thei Magar Uqraba Chatano Se”.
Through the usage of simplest words, Ahmad Nesar has successfully managed to load heavy weight message in his ghazals. This couplet of a ghazal is its solid proof “Musalsal Aa Rahi Hain Uski Yadein”, “Shajar Aabad Hai Chidyoun Ke Dam Se”. About pathetic human life in which people merely pass time to get a temporary refuge from the displeasure, Ahmad Nesar has composed a heart-melting ghazal. One of its couplet is “Hamari Subha Tu Sadyoun Se Hai Andhere Main”, “Hamari Raat Ba Fazli Khuda Guzarti Hai”. It is really heart-wrenching to see outside world full of pleasures and excitements when one’s own dwelling place is in agony.
Ahmad Nesar too has expressed the same thoughts in this couplet of his pleasant ghazal “Charon Taraf Nesar Manazir Hain Khush Gawar”, “Manzar Teri Gali Ka Hamesha Udas Hai”. On page number 104 of the book these understandable words used in this ghazal “Muthi Bhar Haryali Thi”, “Jangal Main Diwali Thi”, “Ghar Wapas Bi Jana Tha”, “Shaam Agar Chi Kali Thi” have shown how beautifully a poet like Ahmad Nesar can develop poetic temper among the first time readers of Urdu poetry. “Apni Ratoun Ke Wastei Jignu”, “Zahan Main Noor Ban Ke Beitha Hai”, this is another nice couplet of a beautifully composed ghazal by Ahmed Nesar.
In almost all the 84 ghazals of this book, we find a bigger message and wise thoughts but engraved in simpler words depicting the expertise of the poet. Ahmad Nesar’s previous three poetry collections have been well received by the readers in general and Urdu lovers in particular. I hope this newer collection will also succeed in getting a big applause from the literary circles.
Ahmad Nesar has got the inspiration from Bashir Badar the distinguished Urdu poet and he has successfully tried to imitate him in composing the poetic pieces. Ahmad Nesar has started his literal journey from 1980 and 1990 when his penned creations began to be published in his name. His journalistic journey started from 1987. Presently he is editor of quarterly Urdu magazine “Alami Falak”.
Poet has not just expressed the pain and sufferings one feels in his poetry but he has also shown the ways to overcome the misfortunes of life. I hope this beautiful piece would be well taken by the readers possessing poetic temper.

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