SECP facilitates insurers, policyholders amid virus

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ISLAMABAD: To facilitate insurance policyholders in current challenging times, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP) Monday asked insurance companies to waive non-mandatory requirements for claims processing.
The SECP has also advised insurers to use alternative methods for verifying the authenticity of claims. The outbreak of COVID-19 has posed unprecedented challenges to businesses across the country. The SECP has been continuously taking measures to extend every possible relief and facilitation to companies and persons connected therewith being investors, borrowers or policyholders.
To facilitate policyholders, the SECP has asked companies to consider extension in grace period of payment of renewal premiums under insurance policies. Moreover, insurers have been encouraged to utilize digital or online payment modes for receipt of insurance premium and disbursement of claim payments, utilize electronic mediums such as SMS, emails, mobile applications, online portals etc. for claims handling, delivery of policy documents and issuance of pre-authorizations for treatment in hospitals.
Furthermore, taking into account the anticipated low claim ratio in motor insurance business due to lockdown, the SECP has recommended insurance companies to pass on the benefit of low claim ratio to motor insurance policyholders by granting one month free of cost extension in insurance coverage to all motor insurance policyholders.
Likewise, to provide ease of doing business, SECP has relaxed the license renewal requirements for insurance brokers, insurance surveyors, and authorised surveying officers (ASO’s) by introducing a relaxation period of two months starting from March 15, 2020 to May 15, 2020. Insurance brokers/insurance surveyors/ASOs whose license have expired or might expire during this period would be able to continue to carry on their business without renewal. The SECP has also granted exemption to insurers from the application of IFRS 16 (Leases) to the extent of their regulatory returns only till the period ended June 30, 2020.
The SECP strongly believes that such measures will facilitate insurance industry and policyholders in coping with the disruption caused by COVID-19 pandemic and shall strengthen the confidence of policyholders in the insurance sector. – TLTP