Seminar on Cancer Awareness in Quetta, Balochistan

Seminar on Cancer Awareness in Quetta, Balochistan

Health is a great blessing from Allah. Without health, life is not the same. In this regard, like all over the world, in Pakistan and especially in Balochistan, from time to time, doctors organize various seminars here for the awareness of different types of patients.

Awareness and awareness about health can come among the people because Balochistan is a backward and most of the area is illiterate and is in the grip of many diseases.

Not only the people of Balochistan but also many patients from the neighboring countries of Afghanistan and Iran are here for treatment.

In this regard, a cancer hospital named Sinar was built in Balochistan so that the poor people here could be treated for this dangerous disease.

Like breast cancer and esophageal cancer in men, the provision of facilities and doctors for timely treatment and treatment in Sinar Hospital has controlled this disease to a great extent, but unfortunately people here do not receive timely treatment.

If you fall victim to death, refer to this one-day seminar on cancer awareness was organized in Sinar Hospital, Quetta, Balochistan, in which a large number of senior doctors and people from other walks of life participated in the seminar’ Good awareness on avoiding cancer and timely treatment.

Dr. Firoz Khan Achakzai, Cancer Specialist Consultant, Radiotherapy Medical Oncologist, Sinar Hospital, Quetta, Balochistan, while giving an interview to a panel, was told about cancer that as you know. That cancer is the oldest disease, at one time this disease was called incurable and the person suffering from it was considered to be certain of death. But after the passage of time and research on this disease, today medicine has succeeded in controlling it. First, the disease is diagnosed and we know. If it is known that there is cancer and the patient is confirmed, then we see how much this disease has spread in the human body.

Therefore, various tests are done on the patient, the most important of which is a CT scan that takes a picture of the whole body, which shows where the cancer cells are located and how much it has affected the surrounding organs. Then a pad scan is done in which the patient is given an injection of glucose which spreads inside the body which is used by cancer cells, which allows us to find out where the germs are present, after which the patient is given an ultrasound, which shows how much cancer is in the patient’s body. Then MRI of the patient is done, in which we find out the effects of the cancerous germs in the brain, stomach and other parts of the body. Brain MRI is necessary to detect cancer. We get an idea of how to treat cancer and where to start.

Question: What is the special method for treating cancer?
Answer: Through various tests, we find out what the disease is and from which part of the body it originates, then we proceed to the treatment. It is said that an operation is performed on the place where the tumor is present, and that part is removed from the body through the operation, just like the germs in breast cancer are in one place, so the sooner it is removed by operation, the better. Yes, but in the operation, we can remove the tumor that we see, the small cancer cells in the body that we do not see, which leave there and go to the surrounding glands, so many diseases even after the operation.

Chemotherapy or immunotherapy radiation has to be given because the disease that we removed was small cells around the body except in one place, they don’t have to be handled immediately after the operation. It can be done not in many places where the cancer is focused in one place.

There are machines with which the rays are focused on one place so that the rest of the body is not affected. There is a new type of radiation called Chema Knife. Brain cancer in particular can be eliminated by this method of treatment, but now attention is being paid to more targeted methods of treatment, such as chemotherapy.

In addition to cancer cells, it also affects normal cells, due to which hair falls, weakness occurs, vomiting occurs, blisters may form in the mouth. Other physical problems, so this method of treatment is now gradually decreasing. It is a method that only targets the cancer cells and gives drugs that enter the body and stick to the cancer cells, preventing them from moving and not being able to spread to other parts of the body.

In the treatment, there are also injections and tablets, the tablets go into the body and join the blood, which play an important role in eliminating cancer germs. It is still going on and it seems that in the near future cancer treatment will be possible only through injections and tablets and the most important issue after cancer treatment is the patient’s diet because sometimes the diet also causes problems.

It is said that eating sweets causes cancer. It is not the case. If the cancer reoccurs, it can spread even without eating sweets and due to carelessness. Decayed food includes packed food etc.