Server disruption at the FBR causes difficulties for the filers of tax return

ISLAMABAD: A disruption in the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) server has caused enormous difficulties for tax filers seeking to file their returns online.
According to FBR officials, due to a rush on the website of filers, the portal has come under pressure.
It bears mentioning that the last date for submission of tax returns is September 30 and the FBR has refused to extend the date of submission. Last week, responding to news regarding a supposed extension in the date, FBR spokesperson Asad Tahir categorically denied this was the case, stating that no proposal in this regard has been considered at the FBR headquarters.
In an informal conversation with journalists, Tahir said: “So far, 0.8 million people have filed their returns.” He added that no strict action will be taken against traders but said that after 15 days, show-cause notices will be issued to traders who do not have Point of Sales (PoS) systems installed.
“Failure to install PoS will result in a fine worth Rs500,000 after 15 days,” the spokesman said, adding that if traders apply PoS in 15 days, the fine will be waived off.
Tahir added that failure to install PoS after a month will result in a fine worth Rs3 million. “Closing down businesses will be the last resort,” he added.
Earlier this month, the FBR advised all taxpayers required to file tax returns by September 30, 2021, to fulfil their legal obligation without waiting for the last date to avoid system delays which occur when a large number of taxpayers log in for submission of returns near the deadline. FBR had clarified at the time as well that there will be no extension in the due date for filing income tax returns. – TLTP

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