Sheikh Maaz creating history through Ideal Gold Vista

Chairman of Ideal Group, Sheikh Maaz is a gem of person. Originally a jeweler, entered construction industry with great zeal and enthusiasm. He is too passionate about his profession, and proved to be a trendsetter as he is offering many facilities and services in his project namely ”Ideal Gold Vista” situated at District Central that no other project in this region has provided as yet.
Focusing on restructuring and repositioning the company to improve growth in the construction industry and real estate markets, Chairman of the Ideal Group, Sheikh Maaz has held successful executive roles in multiple directions. We spoke to Sheikh Maaz to hear about his impressive career journey, his advice to the next generation.
Q. How did you enter the construction industry?
A. Although we were jewelers and running a chain of Ideal Jewelers as family business, I decided to get into construction business because I found it too challenging that keeps you always on toes.
Q. What is the role of technology in the growth of a business?
A. Today technology in business is a growing necessity. The role of technology in business caused a tremendous growth in trade and commerce. Business concepts and models have been revolutionized because of the technology induction.
Q. Where do you see your company a couple of years now?
A. The company is growing and expanding at faster speed. I see our company is making a history of success by empowering employees and encouraging them to be innovative. We want our teammates to generate innovative ideas to explore and even develop if it makes business sense. I believe by doing this and by being selective in the opportunities we pursue; we will continue to see growth and enjoy more record-setting years in the future.
Q. What is the biggest obstacle you have faced along your career path?
A. The biggest obstacle in construction industry is the process of documentation. It is very complicated, cumbersome and time consuming. There should be one window operation like Punjab. Delay in approval of documents increases the cost of the project. Although, the Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced to approve the map within 45 days, but no concerned authority gave attention to it.
Q. How do your projects distinguish from others?
A. Ideal Gold Vista is a first signature project. A huge eco-friendly project with great facilities. Cutting down the margin of profit, you can build homes for clients at economical and affordable price. We are providing all latest facilities in the buildings at district central. The structure of IGV has been designed by an American company. IGV is built on posttensioning (no beams in columns), using flat slabs. It has glass elevation in residential towers. The project has around 20 plus amenities including CCTV, firefighting system and its own RO Plant, speedy lifts and spacious car parking.
Q. How do you rate yourself?
A. We rate ourselves as one of the top builders and developers because we are providing a class service to our clients. We have very strong, energetic and up to the mark team including Chief Engineer who has 30 years of experience in construction. He has constructed many high-rise buildings in Dubai and he is one of the top most engineers in Pakistan.
Q. Do you get funding from banks or other financing institutes?
A. Banks have a big pressure by the State Bank to give loans to housing. However, we avoid taking loans from banks. We build projects on our own resources and funds. Ideal group is a big organization and central source of funding for the projects sponsored by this group.
Q. What advice would you give to the next generation of professionals aspiring to become a construction leader?
A. Objectively, look at your strengths and weaknesses and identify traits in other people to build relationships. In this profession work skill and relations are very important. Keep on working hard with complete honesty on merit, towards journey to success, no one can stop you from achieving success, by the grace of ALLAH…

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