Sindh govt urged to provide security to Abdul Sattar Dars

Special Report

HYDERABAD: Leading religious scholar and leader of Sindh Maulana Syed Aal-e-Ahmad Bilgrami has said that the famous writer and historian of Pakistan Zawwar Abdul Sattar Dars who introduced the historic mausoleum of Bibi Khadija binte Imam Musa Kazim aka Bibi Mahim near Hyderabad is being threatened by some unknown persons and a derogatory campaign is being launched against him on social media.
In a Press statement issued by him, he said we strongly condemn the nefarious efforts by some elements to limit his activities by hurling threats on him and by launching social media campaigns against Abdul Sattar Dars.
Maulana Bilgrami has said that if an active person and knowledge-friendly person like Zawwar Abul Sattar cannot lead a fearless life in Sindh then what would be the condition of a common man?
He called upon the Government of Sindh to provide immediate security to Zawwar Abdul Sattar Dars and the provincial and federal intelligence agencies should track down the individuals and groups who are hurling life threats upon him and his family.
Maulana Bilgrami made it clear that if any damage was caused to Zawwar Abdul Sattar Dars, then the Sindh Government will be held responsible for it.

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