Shura Hamdard discusses ‘Respect the Constitution’ topic in its HO meeting

Staff Reporter

KARACHI: A meeting of Shura Hamdard Karachi commenced Wednesday at the Hamdard Corporate Head Office, focusing on the topic of ‘Respect the Constitution’. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Sadia Rashid, the National President of Shura Hamdard. Former Justice (Retd) Barrister Khawaja Navaid Ahmed was invited to deliver a speech.
Sadia Rashid in her opening remarks highlighted the significance of the establishment of Shura Hamdard by the late Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, with the aim of fostering intellectual growth and development within the nation.
This gathering marked the first event following the passing of the esteemed former Speaker, Justice (Retd) Haziq-ul-Khairi. Additionally, Sadia Rashid announced that the former Governor of Sindh, General (Retd) Moinuddin Haider has been elected as the new Speaker by the Shura members, following a process of thoughtful deliberation.
Speaker General (Retd) Moinuddin Haider expressed his gratitude for being chosen to hold this esteemed position. He fondly recalled his experiences with the late Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, a truly remarkable figure and an embodiment of an ideal Pakistani personality. Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said served as a practical example of how a Pakistani nation should be. He displayed genuine compassion as a human being and unwavering dedication as a patriot.
Regarding the topic at hand, Speaker General (Retd) Moinuddin Haider emphasized the criticality of the constitution and the rule of law within a state. He highlighted that the absence or lack of control over these fundamental pillars gives rise to a multitude of social, linguistic, economic, and religious challenges. The constitution and law serve as binding forces, unifying all components of the state.
Retired Justice Barrister Khawaja Naveed Ahmed, stressed that when the ruling class or the broader society holds the law in high regard, it signifies the well-being of that society as a whole. The moral conduct exhibited by those in positions of power has a profound impact on the entire social fabric. Conversely, any form of disregard for the laws and the judiciary gradually fosters an atmosphere of fearlessness and perilousness among the populace.
He said this leads to a dangerous trend where individuals feel entitled to take the law into their own hands and openly flout its mandates. Regrettably, the act of breaking the law, regardless of scale or social standing, has become ingrained in the collective mindset of our society.
Zafar Iqbal said the implementation of the constitution rests upon the educated segment of society, facilitated by state institutions specifically established to ensure the comprehensive enforcement of the law. It is imperative that the institutions remain dedicated to their intended purpose and must not be utilized by influential people for personal gain, as such practices undermine the effectiveness of constitutional governance. The Constitution, being the guardian and advocate of the oppressed, assumes the crucial role of safeguarding their rights and amplifying their voices.
Prof. Dr. Tanveer Khalid, Col (Retd) Mukhtar Ahmed Butt, Nusrat Sarfaraz, Musarat Akram, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, Dr. Amjad Jafri, Usman Damohi, Prof. Dr. Shaheen Habib, Shehla Ahmed, Huma Baig and Dr. Abu Bakr Shaikh also spoke on the occasion.