Social problems of Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country that faced various problems at the beginning of its creation of Pakistan in 1947. These severe problems which were ignored at that time have now become social-economical evils.
Social problems are a menace to society and influence society’s negatively which causes tribulation in society. Social problems are directly connected with a society that can be numerous.
Poverty is an important problem in Pakistan. As many as 70% of the population of Pakistani people live in rural areas, it’s Erratic to say poverty itself rises from different social problems which are un exceptionable. Poverty directly hits society and changes the behavior of people as a low standard.
Illiteracy is another problem for Pakistan more than 50% of children not even complete their primary education. Subsequently, the current literacy rate of Pakistan is 62.3 which means that an estimated population of 60 million is illiterate in the country.
Terrorism is formidable in our society. Certainly, individuals are brainwashed which betrayed our society including the image of Pakistan internationally. Pakistan is constantly working to counter terrorism which is a need of our society.
Corruption is damaging our merit system, social issues, economy, and democracy. According to the transparency index, Pakistan is ranked 42nd amongst the most corrupt countries in the world. Doubtlessly to say, it’s a great threat to democracy. Corruption destroys the system of society; no one feels love for the country but, everyone prefers self-interest.
Unemployment is a trend connected with the society of people if it increases cooperation for the country decreases which led to multiple problems towards poverty. Due to lack of innovation, the unemployment opportunities are shrinking.
Child Labour is a crime that is always practised in poor countries. It is increasing day by in different cities. Subsequently, these children are working at different shops, factories, and hotels which is an illegal act. Despite they should study and quit child Labor. The child labour practices are rife everywhere in Pakistan but no one tried to stop it.
Conclusion: Pakistan is a developing country; inflation is an important problem in the country that can be fixed by focusing on social issues, properly. slot pulsa slot slot online slot88