Students informed about the history and mapping of Pakistan 1947 till 2022

KARACHI: Salah Uddin Ghazi delivered an extended lecture on the “Importance of Pakistan’s Geographical Location in the light of World Map” at the department of mass communication, university of Karachi on Thursday, says a Press release.
Ghazi, who is a research associate at Pakistan Development Forum and former assistant commissioner for Census and Mapping, was invited to educate students in this regard.
He discussed in detail some facts about the geographical location of the country which are not easily accessible to students while he also informed the students about the history and
mapping of Pakistan from 1947 till 2022.
He also talked about major issues like population density, nuclear powers in Asia, GDP, landlocked countries, sea routes, and importance of CPEC and Gwadar.
In the end, Dr. Umair Ansari, the organizer of the seminar, in his concluding remarks thanked Ghazi for creating awareness among the students about the existing geographical opportunities for Pakistan.
The agenda of the seminar was to prepare students for their practical life and make them realize how important it is to have good relations with our neighbor countries. slot