Tackling Modi’s Kashmir Policy

The infamous Narandera Modi came to lime light on 3 October 2001 when he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat and further got international fame when he under a planned scheme allowed killing thousands of innocent muslins in Gujarat in 2002, the world remembers it as Gujarat Massacre and he is called Butcher of Gujarat. Due to his pronounced hatred against Muslims he enjoyed special attention by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). RSS is mother party of all essential Hindu Fundamentalist organisations a right wing party in India that gave rise to hinduata ultimately became the parent organisation of the ruling party of India, the Bharti Janta Party and Narandera Modi is the 14 Indian Prime Minister with two third majority in the parliament and enjoying his second term. Due to his hatred policies India is confronted with135 different separatist movements. Prominent on top of the list is Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur and Assam and most dangerous is Naxalite movement.
Even at the time of partition India was not one country but divided in to two parts, the one being British India and the second was a very large group of 562 princely states. Over and above India is divided society on cast basis, where Dalits with 25% of population are regarded as fourth class citizen of India. The ethnic and religious divide has damaged the unity of India. Apart from this RSS extremism and Hinduata ideology have overtaken the liberal society. India always claimed as secular state but minorities are treated very badly. Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are about 20% of the population are under constant threat living in fear and struggling for their existence while religious intolerance is at the peak owing to BJP extremists attitude who openly subjugate the minorities. It is established fact that India’s 45% population is extremely poor hardly get two time meals and have no proper clothing. On the other hand India is piling up with military hardware and continues to increase its defence budget, what a contrast. Kashmir continues to be the bone of contention between the two countries. India always insists on Simla agreement
It is incorrect to suggest that under Simla agreement no third party can intervene. The very first clause of the Simla agreement says “That the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations shall govern the relations between the two countries “simply negates Indian stand on Kashmir as they are violating UN charter on the issue of Kashmir. It is very unfortunate that no government has ever tried to explain to India that Simla agreement is no bar on Pakistan to take the issue to UN. Para (ii) relates to ceasefire only it says “That the two countries are resolved to settle their differences by peaceful means through bilateral negotiations, the agreement is silent in case negotiations fail what should be done. If Indian held Kashmir was integral part of India why PM of India accepted J & K as disputed territory and agreed to hold plebiscite under auspicious of UN to allow Kashmir is to decide their own fate. It is so unfortunate that UN has miserably failed to implement its own resolutions. The world community should intervene and press India to honour its commitments. Indian prime ministers illegal annexation of occupied Kashmir is in itself violation of the Indian Constitution; surprisingly Supreme Court the custodian of Indian constitution is silent on the subject. Revoking of Article 370 and 35-A is slap on Indian democracy. No one can stop Imran Khan to raise the issue
on any international forum and new leadership of US being the custodian of UN should now ensure that UN resolution is implemented in true letter and spirit. What US need to understand is that the world body is gradually losing its importance by not protecting the rights of smaller nations. Pakistan has to move cautiously with India, their ultimate aim is to get transit route to Afghanistan for boosting up their trade. We have shown enough flexibility it is time to cool down and wait for positive response before taking any step further. No one can disagree that for durable peace India should move forward and stop chattering that Kashmir is their integral part and lift the curfew imposed since 5 August 2019.
India continues to destabilize Pakistan by sending RAW agents through Baluchistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan has complete documentary evidence on Indian involvement in the internal affairs of Pakistan. The entire world is now very clear after capture of a serving naval officer Kulbhoshan who confessed that he was RAW agent sent by India for sabotage activities. India continues to violate Loc and resort to firing on civilian population that has again been shown to foreign diplomats based in Islamabad. India was humiliated in the entire world when their planes violated our air space were shot in Pakistan and pilot captured. Narandera Modi has gone wild and continues to create problems for Pakistan without realising its consequences. Pakistan collected concrete proof of Indian financial and material sponsorship of multiple terrorist organizations, including UN designated terrorist organizations Jammat-ul-Ahrar (JUA), BLA and TTP. Pakistan is presenting this Dossier to UN, OIC, and P5 Countries. It is hoped international community shall play its role for peace and stability in the region, by compelling India to immediately halt its state sponsorship of terrorism inside Pakistan through RAW agents and associated organisations and put the regional peace in danger
Pakistan has shared its concerns with major international partners in the past and we are now presenting irrefutable evidence to the world of Indian state’s direct sponsorship of terrorism inside Pakistan that has resulted in the deaths of innocent Pakistanis. If the world does not take the Indian agenda seriously against Pakistan that would mean peace and stability in a nuclear South Asia is not their priority.
Our valiant law enforcement and security agencies have resiliently fought and won the war against terrorism. We know how to defend ourselves. India’s efforts to foment terrorism inside Pakistan will not be allowed to undermine Pakistan’s stability in any way. Whether they acknowledge or not, all major powers know that India is threat to the entire region. Now they must act to prevent India from its continuous sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan, clash of both countries shall involve the entire world that must be avoided at all costs.

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