Tackling the political conundrum

Never in the history of Pakistan we have ever witnessed such trouble making opposition against any government. We have scores of examples where government and opposition remained at daggers drawn but they operated in civilized manner but this time the situation is totally different and opposition is not in mode to give any concession to government and neither government is willing to show any flexibility to opposition come what may. Question arises will this situation ever improve and day shall dawn when opposition and government both show sign of some maturity. If we glance through our past the situation was much better because media played its role positively with better sense of responsibility specially the print media. There was one state owned TV channel known as PTV that set highest standards of reporting, dramas, discussion etc. PTV also enjoyed some sort of freedom, what they could not air would do it in a subtle manner through entertainment shows like Fifty Fifty a popular show during gen Zia’s rule. But today the situation is totally different media is free to say anything on the screen even then the relations between government and media are not very exemplary. But there is lot of hue and cry from certain vested interests and paid media. Malik Riaz a business tycoon dished out money and plots to most of the renowned anchors the list can be seen on the web site, it is otherwise being circulated on social media. Where is the conscious? Where is integrity? When I see these anchors I feel sorry for them because initially they were good, how did they get into this business can be best answered by them.

It is very strange all those appearing on different TV channels as analysts pose to be jack of all trades and experts in every field without having any background knowledge of the matters being discussed. Their information is restricted to internet information. Newscasters most of them have turned in to anchors. Thank God Google has solved all their problems and researchers have no role to play as a result lower staff is facing termination orders. Our analysts have been successful in dividing the media as a result nation stands divided today so is the case with over 75 political parties out of which 10 to 15 are very active they are engaged in house fighting. Those who witness talk shows on regular basis shall find that all political parties just support their own party and are not ready to listen any argument and accept the ground realities. The government is new, majority of the people are new, they have very little experience in running the affairs of state. But the people are same, bureaucracy is same , culture is same, old rotten system continues therefore we find no change and that is major reason that no change can take place. Things are getting out of control, people are disappointed and are being fully exploited by opposition. PM ‘s absence from parliament may be justified but the onerous lies on the leader of the house to bring peace in the house so that business as usual continues.

It is very strange some of the ministers are openly threatening to bring change in Sind but that can only be achieved if some PPP members indulge in floor crossing. Under the circumstances when PTI is vulnerable in centre they have to take proper precautions and avoid this dangerous path. There is no point in threatening PPP and keep repeating change is inevitable is bringing more harm to PTI then doing anything good.PTI should use democratic means to bring change in the government because any other method adopted shall prove to be counter productive as apex court may not allow any such unconstitutional step as CJ has categorically stated that it will struck down in one minute. PTI is certainly in problem at the centre because small coalition partners are openly voicing their differences and have started using opposition tone that tantamount to black mailing PTI. PML N and PPP have again joined hands officially and publicly.In fact they always have been one ( it was all noora kushti) but we unnecessarily feel happy when PPP and PML N use harsh words against each other where as it is drama staged at regular interval as was the case with PPP and MQM..

PTI must be supported to complete their term as there is no other option. But perception is being built up by vested interests, certain anchors and section of media that has leaning towards PML N and PPP as government days are numbered. Imran Khan silence should not be under estimated he knows what is happening around and who are the main actors, but the fact remains if present system of accountability is not changed there is every possibility of total collapse and that may not be in country’s interest. But Imran must be having his own plans for which he has been hinting in the past.

If we have to survive as a nation we must hurry up the process of accountability and NAB should decide cases. If we are able to punish 20 big fish of the country within next 3 months country shall move towards better future but if the cases are lingered on it will further damage the country but before that Imran may exercise his only option of dissolving assemblies and calling for fresh elections. Combined opposition is in no mood to give any concession to government to allow smooth sailing of parliament as majority of the corrupt and their beneficiaries are on one page.

But one thing good happened it is first time in the history of Pakistan that army and civil are on one page unlike past ,no need to elaborate as it is known to everybody now. Imran Khan may contemplate that politically for him and his party to move forward it is very important that he should surround himself with very competent and able advisors. Looking around he will find some of the may not have come up to their potential to deliver, this is politically bad not for him and his party. In a country of over 220 million I am sure some other better alternatives may be found.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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