Targeted blame game versus Pak army isn’t in national interest

TFD Report

KARACHI: Bishop of Pakistan, Bishop Sadiq Daniel expressed his grief concerns over ongoing blame game on Pakistan armed forces.
Bishop states that since few times, a small section of the country has been constantly criticizing Pakistan’s armed forces and campaigning against our brilliant COAS on social media. Enemies take advantage of such things to develop pressure on our country which could not make any difference. Beyond any doubt armed forces are backbone of our country.
Those who are criticizing the armed forces are cutting their own feet and weakening the country at same time, because this is the only institution that is incredibly caring the entire body of the country and performing more than stronger role as a strong bone.
Armed forces of Pakistan are recognized all over the world as one of the most skillful and professional service of the world. They have proved their loyalty and strength by protecting the country from all the four corners.
They have been equally helpful during all kind of internal crises of the country.
Bishop says that India is trying to put pressure on our country, this could be clearly seen from their new strategy of recruiting millions of young people only for four years in newly introduced Agnipath scheme. However our Pak army is perfectly skilled enough to meet all the challenges and defuse every kind of pressure.
General Qamar Jawed Bajwa is such a professional and honest soldier who is grooming and leading the soldiers in a way that they get professionally skilled to meet any level of challenge to protect the motherland.
To me they are one of key stakeholder of the country because God forbid if anything goes wrong internally or externally than unfortunately some people start taking shelters outside the country.
But the army has to stay on ground and face all the challenges and situation even if they have to sacrifice their lives.
Whenever the enemy wants to break up a country, he tries to create differences between the people and the forces of that country. However we can thwart the enemy’s moves with our strong unity.
Pakistan is located at the most important geography of the world and we have the best opportunities to take full advantage of this beautiful gift of Almighty God. Baseless accusations against the armed forces could cause irreparable damage to the country.
Bishop of Pakistan assured strong support on behalf of all the Christian community of Pakistan for the brilliant Pak armed forces by tooth and nail to strengthen the defense of our country. He says that I am pretty sure that all the Nation stands with the armed forces and world should understand that we all the nation is strongly standing on same page.