TFD completes 15th Anniversary of its regular publication


Manzar Naqvi

The Financial Daily International (TFD) started its journey in 2006 and is the first Analytical English Language business daily is being published simultaneously from Karachi and Lahore for the last 15 years. It has now entered in16th year of its continuous publication.
Amir Abbas Ashary, founder of The Financial Daily had started the process for this newspaper in 2006 with the new idea about a Niche English daily with analytical presentation, especially on the stock market, for the awareness of investors because various investors of stock exchanges lost their lifelong earnings due to lack of proper knowledge about trading of shares and selecting a wrong time for buying/selling in a volatile Stock market.

Daily Stock Review

Keeping in mind the stock market investors, Amir Ashary got a declaration for an English daily titled: “Stock Review” in 2006 under the umbrella of Data Research and Communication (DRC). Ismat Sabir, renowned lady journalist of commerce, was the first editor of this Daily. In addition to printing daily dummies of this newspaper a proper first issue was published on 6th October 2006 on the special demand of Pakistan Business Council (PBC) Dubai (UAE) and it was distributed at an annual gathering of PBC (UAE) in October 2006.
Amir Ashary also set up the first ever independent Research House under the guidance of renowned Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) and appointed a huge team of MBA analysts for this Research House which was the backbone of this first analytical business newspaper. Various national and international brokerage houses and world-renowned news agencies were also among the clients of this Research House.
Daily “Stock Review” started its regular publication from February 20, 2007 simultaneously from Karachi and Lahore. The newspaper was welcomed and earned appreciation from all business circles like Stock Exchanges, Chambers of Commerce, Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI), Trade bodies and especially from business schools. In the initial phase of publication of Daily “Stock Review”, various suggestions and requests were received from readers and investors for more coverage in addition to comprehensive analytical coverage of Financial Markets like sports, city activities, national and international general coverage while special pages on Islamic Banking, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Technology, Health, Tourism etc. were also demanded. Keeping in mind investors’ suggestion, Amir Ashary entertained all advices from all quarters and changed the declaration of this Daily “Stock Review” to “The Financial Daily International” From Karachi and Lahore w.e.f. August 2, 2007.

The Financial Daily

After changing the name of Daily “Stock Review” to “The Financial Daily International”, Daily “Stock Review” was converted into Urdu weekly magazine for Stock Investors which was largely appreciated. Visits of Federal & Provincial Information Ministers to TFD offices: In 2008, Nisar Memon, the then Federal Minister for Information and in 2009 Shazia Marri Sindh Information Minister also visited TFD offices and appreciated independent and unbiased policy of the newspaper and lauded its services in promoting Pakistan’s economy. Various other publications: Data Research & Communication also started various magazines in addition to regular publication of “The Financial Daily International” like “Monthly Mutual Funds”, “Monthly Investors Guide”, “Monthly Giving Life” and “Monthly TV Guide”.
Pakistan Dawning Metaphor
On behalf of DRC, Amir Ashary also published a detailed book “Pakistan Dawning Metaphor” in close collaboration with the Karachi Stock Exchange and Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC) on the record performances of the Capital Market of Pakistan from 2002 to 2007. In this era of Pervez Musharraf, the Capital Market rose up to 750 percent. This book was launched in 2009 at the Convention Center, DHA Golf Club Karachi at a prestigious ceremony. Dr Salman Shah, former Finance Minister was the Chief Guest on that occasion while Mustafa Kamal, the then City Nazim of Karachi, presided over the Launching Ceremony.

TFD Excellence Award for Mutual Funds

“The Financial Daily International” also launched first ever transparent and excellence awards in 2009 for Mutual Fund sectors of Pakistan. An independent Jury for selecting awards was found from amongst the renowned experts and dignitaries. Criteria of Awards were also published in the publication of DRC before the announcements of winner to keep transparency and fair selection of award winners. The prestigious ceremony of the First TFD Excellence Awards for Mutual Funds was organised at DHA Golf Club Karachi. Tariq Iqbal Khan Chairman National Investment Trust Ltd (NITL) and renowned Broker and Chairman AKD Group Aqeel Karim Dhedhi and various other renowned personalities of Mutual Funds participated in this Award ceremony and lauded the initiative of first ever transparent awards for the Mutual Funds Companies.
When Amir Ashary shifted to USA in 2011, the DRC shifted the publishership of this newspaper to Shakil Jafri who is continuously remained the Editor of this newspaper for 12 years since its inception. Shakil Jafri kept the vision of Amir Ashary for an independent newspaper and reorganization of different sectors alive through transparent awards, going.

TFD Excellence Awards for Food Industry of Pakistan

In June 2014, the DRC once again organized an independent TFD Excellence Awards for Food Industry of Pakistan. This prestigious ceremony was organised at Marriott Karachi. An Independent Jury headed by Hameed Haroon of Dawn Group was found comprising various renowned Chefs and experts of the Industry. Due to transparency in awards, it was largely acclaimed in the circles concerned. In 2019 The 2nd TFD Excellence Food Awards were held in Sindh Governor House in a befitting manner. Governor Sindh Imran Ismail distributed the awards as chief guests.

PSX, KSE-100 Index Fundamental Guide

“The Financial Daily International” is also published KSE-100 Index Fundamental Guide containing financial data of 100 index companies of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). 8th edition of this book was published in 2017. Nadeem Naqvi, Ex-Managing Director PSX has always extended his full cooperation for compiling this book every year. He always extended valuable suggestions to improve the contents of the book and also wrote articles in the book for awareness of investors.

The Financial Daily International YouTube Channel

On April 4, 2020, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, our old colleague Shiraz Ahmed Siddiqui proposed an idea to launch TFD YouTube Channel and after taking necessary steps, it was started under his able guidance and support. Quality programmes related to Current Affairs, Sports, Culture, Tourism, Islamic, Health,Tibb-e-Nabvi and on other various topics are being uploadedwithout any gap. Programmes by Iqbal Jamil, Agha Masood Hussain, Mukhtar Butt, Brig (Brig) Tariq Khalil, Fizza Shakil, Mubasher Mir, and Ateeq Ur Rehman are very popular in the audience. During the last 2years months, more than 1000 programmes have been uploaded on this channel.


I must acknowledge the voluntary services of various professionals like Munawar Naqvi, the senior most journalist of Pakistan in English language media. He started his professional carrier from Daily “The Sun” in 1969 and remained associated with various leading newspapers of Pakistan. He extended his best cooperation to us since the inception of “The Financial Daily International”. Agha Masood Hussain, a senior most journalist of Pakistan and ex-Sindh Information Minister who is serving as Editor of TFD for the last two years.
Services rendered by Naeem Awan for The Financial daily since before the launching of the newspaper are commendable.Naeem always served and support TFD without any self-interest and on voluntary basis just to boost our Publishing group in reward of our friendship. He never took any benefit or regular appointment despite our various offers to him. He rightly claims that TFD is his own newspaper and he did everything for the survival of TFD at breakeven level since the last 8 years. Likewise, Shiraz Ahmed Siddiqui who always helped us in resolving IT issues with zeal and zest and always available on a single call. In addition, Muhammad Arif, Director retired from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) serving a lot, especially Islamic Banking side and he is also contributing a lot by writing weekly full-page articles on different current issues. Shahzad Jamal CEO Datanet who always supported TFD endeavours. Ahmad Omer also boosted “The Financial Daily International” by his meritorious services on every side for this newspaper without any self-interest for the last nine years and is committed to make this publication fly high. Riaz-ul-Hasnain Rizvi who always supports us in any manner to achieve our targets amicably.
I appreciate all our dedicated associates and collogues like Mohsin Raza Rajani, Ghulam Raza Rajani, Mohammed Arifeen, Shabbir Kazmi, Sonia Karamat, Shiraz Ahmed Siddiqui, Mansoor Ahmed, Hasnain Jafri, Saleem Zaman Khan, Zeshan Naqvi, Imran Zakir, Ahmed Siddiqui and other all dedicated staff members and well-wishers of the TFD.
On this 15th anniversary we are also missing our beloved friend Hakim Tariq Ahmed the host of “Tibb-e-Nabvi” a popular programme of TFD Youtube Channel, who left us last year in December 2021, may God place his soul in highest place of Jannah (Ameen).
I am thankful to Azfar Ashary Chief Editor for his valued guidance in improving the contents of “The Financial Daily International” and support in any manner.

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