Taxpayers must submit annual tax returns prior to December 8: FBR

Raza Kazmi

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue has reminded all taxpayers to submit their annual income tax returns before December 8, 2020. It further clarified that the date for submission of returns will not be extended.
The FBR has taken a number of steps to facilitate taxpayers to facilitate the submission of income tax returns. A new simple return form for tax year 2020 has been introduced. Taxpayers can submit annual returns with guidance through the new Wizard-based simple web interface. Statements can also be submitted via smartphone on the Tax Easy app, the FBR said.
The FBR has clarified that all those persons have been identified who are not filing their returns despite having taxable income and persons whose expenses are more than their taxable income but have declared their income in the annual returns less than the taxable income.
The FBR database contains details of the expenses and income of all such persons. The FBR is giving all such people one last chance to submit their tax returns according to their true expenses and income, otherwise they will be prosecuted according to the law.
Video tutorials are available on the FBR’s website for guidance on how to file a tax return. In case of any problem, help can be sought from the FBR Helpline 111772772 or from the website Remember, filing income tax return is mandatory for anyone with an annual income of Rs 600,000 or more.

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