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Textile exports up by 1.41% to $15.241 billion in 11 months

ISLAMABAD: The exports of textile group witnessed an increase of 1.41 percent during the eleven months of the financial year 2023-24, as against the exports of the corresponding months of last year.
The textile products exports from the country were recorded at US $15,241,477 million during July-May (2023-24) against the exports of US $15,029,794 million during July-May (2022-23), according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).
The textile commodities that witnessed positive trade growth included raw cotton, the exports of which grew by 317.77 percent, from $13.425 million last year to $56.086 million this year.
Likewise, the exports of cotton yarn increased by 23.47 percent, from $ 737.185 million last year to $910.193 million this year and bed wear by 4.77 percent, from $ 2,451.263 million to $ 2,568.186 million.
The export of towels also surged by 6.09 percent from $912.362 million to $967.936 million whereas the export of ready-made garments up by 2.09 percent to $3,238,812 million from $3,172,385 million.
Similarly, the export of made-up articles increased by 3.19 percent to 655.721 million from 635.424 million while the export of all other textile materials also went up by 0.26 percent, to $658.703 million from $656.983 million.
The textile commodities that witnessed negative growth include cotton cloth, exports of which declined by 6.91 percent, from $1,859.390 million to $1,730.834 million; cotton carded or combed by 15.93 percent, from $0.996 million to $0.837 million; yarn other than cotton yarn by 24.08 percent, from $40.673 million to $30.878 million, and knitwear by 1.60 percent, from $4,044.725 million to $3,980.000 million.
Likewise, the exports of tents, canvas and tarpaulin decreased by 14.59 percent, from $125.839 million to $107.476 million, art, silk and synthetic textiles by 11.43 percent, from $379.144 million to $ 355.816 million.
Meanwhile, on a year-on-year basis, the textile exports increased by 18 percent going up from $1,320.548 million in May 2023 to $1,558.230 million in May 2024.
On a month-on-month basis, the textile exports, also increased by 25.94 percent when compared to the exports of $1,237.313 million in April 2024. – APP

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