The gender discrimination in Pakistan

Pakistan is an under developing country which is facing a lot of problems like poverty, illiteracy ,corruption , human right violence and one of them is gender discrimination unfortunately not only Pakistan but all over world is facing women discrimination.
Women in Pakistan constitute more than half of population, but they are neglected and confide to a secondary role. But the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 declares men and women equal in all respects. It further states that there shall be no discrimination on the basis of gender. In the Holy Quran in Surah ”Nisa” rights and respect to the women is guaranteed. The gender discriminatory structure has deep roots. Women are often convinced that the work they do at home is their duty and they do not need and should not expect any reward for it . Although violence against women is universal phenomenon, but the area and forms of violence differs from one society to another society no country and society is free from domestic violence. Millions of women suffer from domestic violence all around the world even the developing countries are not free from this evils. in Pakistan domestic violence is considered is a private matter as it occur in family and therefore not an appropriate focus in appraisal , meditation or policy changes. In Pakistan society women have to face violence and prejudice every day in every field due to religious and cultural norms . According to estimate, around 70 to 90 of Pakistani women suffer from domestic violence. Domestic violence includes mental, psychology, asexual, physical and emotional abuse and some other general honor killings, acid attacks and being burned case and so many cases are present in our society according to domestic a survey, at least two women are burned every day in domestic violence occurrence and around 70 to 90% are women are killing in the name of honors killing. Honors killing is the one of the most horrible form of brutality against women. In these case criminal are abuse because he or she are want to marry without the will of parents or having relationship that family considered to be wrong and rebelling against the tribble and social matrimonial custom. In Sindh honors killing known as karo kari in which father, husband and brother to kill the female for sexual relationship outside marriage. According to press report the accident of honors killing is high after 9/11 attack in Sindh especially in upper Sindh.
There are many reason for honors killing but i mention her only two type’s one is that for revenge and other is that for property
In the matter of revenge a women of the family killed and blame on the enemy that she had illicit relationship that murder is an honors killing. Women are killed due to distribution of property for inheritance. and why acid case are increasing because the refused for sexual advance , proposal for marriages and demand for dowry and property dispute is also cause of such accident in addition according to estimate 40 to 60 % marriage accour between the close biological relatives. Parent’s decide the fate of daughter and females have no right to decide to choice a partner on their own choice in the feudal families daughter are married to the paternal cousins to prevents the distribution of land outside of inheritance. at time a girl is married with younger cousin to her which is complete mismatch. In such marriage husband is marries with another girl own choice and later ignoring his children and her cousin wife. She is aften left alone in childish village. Even former Prime Minister Zulifqar Ali Bhutto married with his cousin at his early age who was elder then him. so that it men’s this culture is running from since our former prime minister. It can be control through brings rule and laws and safe women from that discrimination safe our country from these offences activities.
“Until we get equality in education. We can’t have equal in society.

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