The problem is not Nawaz Sharif, but handling of democracy


Pakistan is typical country as for as politics is concerned and as the things are moving it appears that status quo in politics shall continue unabated. Frankly speaking 73 years is a long period if someone wanted to learn the real political norms but one finds deterioration with each passing day.PTI challenged the status quo of PPP and PMLN and succeeded in breaking their nexus and won elections in 2018 but not with enough majority to form the government independently. Per necessity they had to enter into coalition of smaller parties for which PTI had to share the power to the partners liking.
The PTI won on two point agenda. Rooting out corruption and improving upon the living standard of poor which form 70 percent of population. Since no proper home work was done as a result they failed to make any head way. Promises made, none has been fulfilled. There is a very cogent reason behind their failure. Lack of fixing priorities and chasing shadows in the dark. Knowing full well they had the marking of establishment on their success they had to walk extra mile to deliver.
Is something wrong with PTI? Is something wrong with Imran Khan? Is something wrong with his advisors? Is something lacking in team as a whole? Why PTI is under attack from all directions? Why social media is against IK? Is it poor governance all around or propaganda by opposition? Why PTI and opposition is dagger drawn? Why assemblies are dysfunctional? Is Nawaz Sharif the real problem of Pakistan? Is Zardari the problem? Why IK is so personal on leaders of opposition? Two years gone IK continues harping on just one tune that he will not give NRO and ensure recovery of looted money stashed in foreign banks. The slogan is pretty good and attractive but what is the result. Unfortunately that is where PTI went wrong. Till today IK concentration is on Nawaz and Zardari, both remain hot topic of IK. He is not alone who is bowling Yorkers on opposition but his few advisors and ministers are also busy in holding press conferences against opposition and most of the time is spent on highlighting the corruption of these leaders, who otherwise are facing corruption charges in the NAB courts. By doing so opposition has succeeded in diverting the attention of PTI to attend to real issues of the people and has deliberately engaged them in non issues. Question arises is it the courts that have to decide their fate or the Prime Minister? How the courts do it, how much punishment is awarded by the courts, government cannot interfere with or is not in position to influence the proceedings and decision of the cases. Since the entire energy is being wasted on them that leaves very little time to concentrate on main issues. This is honest fact that by doing this PTI is only decreasing their vote bank and gradually affecting their popularity graph. There is no doubt IK wants to do many things for the people of Pakistan but his modus operandi is not correct. Secondly there is no denying the fact that Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing internal division in PTI, senior ministers are engaged in criticising their colleagues in the cabinet. It is on record that IK had to intervene and stop advisors and ministers for ceasefire. Fawad Chaudhry has his own view point and agenda who is outspoken and sometimes seen crossing the redline, likewise Sheikh Rasheed can never remain quiet he must express his views on all matters instead concentrating on Railways. Frequent posting and transfers in the bureaucracy means both are not on one page. Undoubtedly there is a pressure on the establishment and they also have their limitations. Exit of Sardar Mengal a coalition partner should have been viewed seriously and Baluchistan given necessary funds as promised, but like previous governments only lollypop. They have 4 votes that really matters when government has very thin majority, coalition partners MQM (P), GDA, BAP and PML Q can pose danger if any one of them withdraws support. Removal of Jahangir Tareen is really a big loss for Imran though it goes to his credit that he did not compromise and sacrificed his friendship but Tareen was an asset and capable of managing this complex situation that could forestall any danger to IK government.
Today PM is facing criticism not only from his party and opposition but media has also turned against him due to crackdown on journalists and continued detention of Mir Shakil ur Rahman CEO of Jang and Geo group. So much so the Supreme Court is also not happy for poor performance on all fronts. But the government priority remains how to bring back Nawaz Sharif. Let me be very frank Mr. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is not the problem of Pakistan. It is their own party problem; it should not be mixed up with real issues. Before you became Prime Minister 70 million Pakistanis were living below the line of poverty, in a short period of 2 years it has touched the figure of over 90 million that should be your top most worry. That is what matters at the moment. We are involved in non issues it simply reflects that we have no policy at all; aphorism has become the order of the day. Naturally when any government spends 80 percent of its time on opposition people would be neglected. Basic need of any person including poor is atta, ghee, sugar, power and gas. It will be very interesting to find out the rates of these items and compare it with rates of 2018 they run out of proportion. Instead fighting these mafias and providing relief to poor as promised wasting time on non issues is not at all understandable. How long you will continue blaming previous government and talk about their corruption. Agreed they were corrupt, courts are taking care of them, what you have done in 2 years for the poor is not visible. Dishing out money through Ehsas Scheme to 15 million is not the solution of 90 million poor people; it can never substitute a proper solution and permanent arrangement.
Ideally the Prime Minister should have taken both the process of accountability and his democratic interaction with all the parties together. This he could not do and now the entire opposition has stood up against him. Like I say the problem is not Nawaz Sharif but Prime Ministers own method of handling parliamentary democracy in this country.

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