The Quarantine: Damnation or benison


When the entire world was busy in their zest and the technologies were crossing the horizons, landing on the moon and discovering other planets, No one noticed that their own planet is getting affected by a virus and is breathing its last. The modern concepts and the influence of technical era completely made the world callous at some point and all they were focusing on what they call ‘A Career’ and suddenly the priority got replaced from ‘Career’ to ‘Life’ because of a small change in the RNA of a person which is dangerous enough to get him killed and thus humans shun all their plans and activities and now all they care is about their life which has become a necessity.
Humans were having no time for the recovery whether that was the recovery of relationships or split family or lost friends or forgotten acquaintances or ‘The Dying Earth’. The clock of life tickled so fast for the human creatures that they hardly used to spend a quality time without the havoc. On the other hand, the earth suffered by the hands of humans up to an extent that it started rapidly losing its treasure like the fresh water and the green gold but the selfish humans hardly paid any heed to its cries until the earth declared a worldwide break for its recovery.
The plans were about to get executed when the world enunciated an immediate lockdown. The cities that never slept are now sleeping after decades, the streets which were always pre occupied are now empty, the stars which were hardly able to twinkle are now shining as if they have been blessed with a new light and the birds have started singing with joy again as if they have been praised by the unseen.
The people are now spending a quality time with their families which was disturbed and destroyed by an aura of fast life. I hardly remember a day when I woke up peacefully from my sleep as the noise of people, busy streets and sound of machineries always paid a vital role in the destruction of peace but now people are witnessing some miracles which they hardly thought of. Now the people are waking up by hearing the chirping of sparrows, the caw of crows, and the coo of pigeons and are breathing a free air.
The humans are wondering what actually happened and how did the plague commonly known as ‘COVID-19’ spread? The virus indeed is troubling humans up to an extent that majority of the people have nothing to eat at their places, some are losing their jobs, some are stuck at an unexpected place and so on but is it not something which we brought to us by our own deeds and actions?
In the noble Qur’an, it is mentioned clearly ‘And do not mischief on the earth after it has been set in order: that will be best for you, if you have faith’ – Surah Al A’raf, The Heights, verse 85. If the humans would have respected the Mother Nature and preserved its treasure and suppressed their greed than today we would have been living a free life and not a quarantined one.
This quarantine period proved damnation for the humans without any second thought but on the other hand, it has been proved itself a benison for the nature and the earth. When the human activities stop, nature takes over miraculously and let us now learns a lesson from this incident as for sure this too shall pass but the lessons learnt from it should be implemented in the upcoming time so that the earth won’t introduce more deadly plagues and its eternal suffering will come to an end.