Travesty of Olympic spirit by us and western world


China will host the Winter Olympics in February 2022, Beijing is the only city in the history of the games of the world to host both the summer and Winter Games .The Olympic Games are considered as a forum of unifying force to bring the world together in a peaceful and healthy competition. Ironically, a very negative trend of politicizing an international game event “Olympics” has been set by so called democratic regimes like USA, Canada, and Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom which is so shocking and deplorable. The Olympic Games are held after every four year is a platform where the world’s nations get an opportunity to come together to observe athleticism, sportsmanship, racial equality as well as mental & physical health. The Olympics should be kept apolitical. The host country does not invite any country but the International Olympic Committee IOC gives invitations to participant nations. IOC also issues NOC to political officials and authorities of different countries to accompany their athletes during the Olympic event. Political feuds are usually set aside during the Olympics. Boycotts, propaganda, or protests by any country are supposed to be in defiance of IOC’s goals & charter for international peace during the Games. Political infiltration by the participant countries ruins the true spirit of the Olympic Games. Olympic bodies need to deal with it firmly to determine the future of the Games if there is to be one.
The official boycott of Olympic 2022 by western countries is a very meaningful and illogical farce. Manipulating the Olympics 2022 with so-called human rights abuses in China is nothing but a destructive tool to divert the world’s attention from the Olympic spirit of the games by the USA and its western allies. The Games have nothing to do with vicious political agendas and designs. The Athens ceremony being used for political purposes especially during a pandemic when the world needs to demonstrate unity, will definitely have disastrous repercussions for the dynamics of international relations and world politics. Diplomatic boycott of the Olympic 2022 is a notorious and an unpopular trick to harm the spirit and the interests of athletes from all the countries of the world.
Boycotting of Winter Olympics by USA & western allies will lead to the ultimate commencing of an official cold war between two superpowers “China & United States of America”.
A derogatory attempt made by USA and western allies to underestimate, isolate and embarrass Beijing is nothing but an expression of USA hostility and its immense fear of superseding China to emerge as the equivalent next super power of the world. The negative gesture shown by the USA and West diplomatic boycott of Olympic 2022 is an example to contain China’s superpower status. The West, led by the United States, is declining rapidly and is badly threatened by China’s superior position both politically and economically in the world.
Chinese President Xi Jinping is considered to be the world’s most powerful leader who is leading the world’s first largest economy into the recent era of exhibiting international power and influence even during the worsened situation of pandemic. Xi has pitched China to its rightful place in the world as his” sacred” mission with immense courage, confidence and resolve of rising China like never before. China under President Xi has set a unique and daring example of gaining and attaining its “might” by ascending to the “top of the world”. China under XI striding forward to an ever promising future of creating immense accomplishments across the world. Thus, China does not require legitimacy or support and blessings from other countries to host the Olympics 2022.
Pakistan foreign office has slammed the preplanned diplomatic boycott of USA and western countries and urged for keeping the politics out of sports. FO spokesman AsimIftikhar said at a weekly media briefing that Pakistan opposes any form of politicization of sports and hopes that all nations would come together in Beijing and afford their athletes the opportunity to compete against the best and showcase their skills”.
Pakistan FO wished China success in hosting the Beijing Olympics. “We are confident that despite limitations imposed by Covid-19, the Beijing Winter Olympics would offer a spectacular and colorful gala to sports enthusiasts around the world, including in Pakistan”.
China’s Ambassador to Pakistan NongRong on Sunday said that his country appreciates Pakistan for being against the politicization of sports.
Taking to his Twitter handle, the envoy wrote: “Pakistan’s position to oppose any form of politicization of sports is highly appreciated. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is not a stage for the posturing and grandstanding of politicians. The ambassador also said that China is ready to deliver a streamlined, safe, and splendid Olympics to the world.
Chinese foreign ministry’s spokesman Zhao Lijian has also accused the US of violating the principle of “political neutrality in sports”.
The countries which are diplomatically boycotting the Olympics 2022 for sheer disgusting political interests seem to be deliberately hyping up the temperature of the political atmosphere of international peace, harmony and cohesion.
The Chinese government has already hinted at “resolute counter measures” and a befitting response to the boycott of the Olympics by the West led by the USA. It could further deepen USA-China tensions which might lead to “geographical consequences” as well.
Nicholas Sarantakes, an associate professor of strategy and policy at the US Naval War College and author of Dropping the Torch: Jimmy Carter, the Olympic Boycott, and the Cold War, has also expressed disappointment over the diplomatic boycott of the Olympics by the USA and said “It’s been tried several times. And it fails every time.”
America’s heated rhetoric of diplomatic boycott of Olympic 2022 is a tricky attempt to counter China which is the wealthiest and most powerful state of the world but indeed such a vicious boycott won’t change the course of the Olympic Games at all and hence will not influence Beijing’s success in hosting the Olympics. USA and its western ally’s decision of diplomatic boycott of Olympic 2022 manifest an insane strategy or instrument to enhance worldwide hostilities towards China generate a domino effect advocacy for other actions that could undermine global security. China is a world political heavyweight, a global power and hence a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics will push & trigger China to retaliate with counter-reaction. Sanity of action by the US was especially expected as sports diplomacy is always gauged as a priority to develop it into a targeted instrument to sort out political tensions, differences and chaos across the world.
A diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Games will determine the direction and repercussions of this path and where it will end is not yet clear but there is an urgent need to reset and renegotiate the relationship between sport and politics.
US and western hypocrite, dual and anti-China are gross & blatant political provocation and affront to the Chinese people. Diplomatic boycotts of the 2022 winter lack moral justification as the west and US has always played its secret heinous weapon against China by showing strength of its is quite unwise to offend Beijing which is a more centralized super power of the world now over trivial issues. More political maturity was expected by US president Joe Biden after his three hour virtual meeting on phone but the shocking and surprising moves by the USA afterwards like “summit on democracy” excluding China and “diplomatic boycott of Olympics 2022 ” are beyond any political sanity. The Winter Olympic boycott is another blow to China-US relations and a last chance for two superpowers reconciliation over “sensitive issues” and of course USA is wholly and solely responsible for this erroneous act which definitely will mount tensions across the world.

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