Turkish nation to celebrate 5th anniversary of failed coup attempt in Turkey, says CG

Syed Ali Shabbar Naqvi

KARACHI: Tolga Ucak the Consul General Republic of Turkey at Karachi has said that the Turkish nation is celebrating 5th anniversary of failed coup attempt in Turkey. He said coup attempt in 2016 was suppressed by the democratic struggle led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which the nation and the state joined hands.
Tolga Ucak was addressing a Press conference at the new Consulate building of Turkey in connection with the failed coup attempt. The Counsel General briefed the journalists on the failed attempt of coup made in Turkey by its military back in 2016 and how the nation stood as one and still fought unarmed with the military. He also said that no one can either force or enforce the nation to have them as their leader but what they choose will be the leader of the country.
By mentioning the ratio, Tolga said that almost 1/3rd of the traitors who were involved in the attempt of coup, detained or either arrested later on.
The Press conference was followed by a couple of documentaries that was played on a projector which included live shots of the attempt made in 2016 of coup and comments of the President and how people fought and died, the causalities reported were 249 and more than 2000 citizens were wounded in 2016.
Tolga Ucak also thanked Pakistani nation for its continuous and lasting support to the Turkish Nation and welcomed Pakistanis, the support from Pakistan means a lot to them and that this will last forever.
Ucak also answered different questions from the journalists, replying in a question he informed the media that how Turkey is working in Pakistan and opening schools in Pakistan and promoting Turkey courses and language in multiple known institutes. It has 28 Schools operational out of which 3 are in Karachi and 6 located in Sindh, after the press briefing and group photos with media he came to see off all the guest personally.

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