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UAE CG invites his long-time employee Anwar Saeed & his son to pay tributes

KARACHI: UAE Consul General in Karachi Dr. Bakheet Ateeq Alremeithi paid tribute to his employee Anwar Saeed, who has been serving in various offices related to the UAE for the past 40 years, says a Press release.
The Consul General invited his long-time worker Anwar Saeed to the Consulate along with his son to appreciate his services.
Dr. Bakheet Ateeq Alremeithi paid Anwar Saeed a visit to the Consulate and informed his son about his services. The Consul General said that Anwar Saeed’s services in promoting UAE-Pakistan relations cannot be forgotten.
He said hardworking workers like Anwar Saeed are like assets for any institution.
Anwar Saeed has been associated with the UAE since the time of late Sheikh Zayed and has been rendering services.
The Consul General also presented a commemorative shield to Anwar Saeed in recognition of his services.

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