Imran Zakir

KARACHI: One of the largest commercial banks in Pakistan United Bank Limited’s small branches faced acute shortage of cash and the customers visiting the branch in the second half were refused by the Bank to offer the cash and even the ATM are also lying vacant.
After getting this information, “The Financial Daily” team visited the Commercial Centre Branch located in DHA Phase VII, stopped at the Branch entrance where they saw the security guard sending back the UBL customers and only allowing the depositors and cheque clearing customers.
When TFD team asked from the Teller why your Branch is not able to provide the cash by any means, he responded that we are not allowed to handle more than Rs. 4.5 to 5.0 million cash and said that on special occasions all our small branches are facing this issue because of head office instructions and despite many requests our small branches cash limits did not enhanced.
When the Branch Manager was approached, he said that my branch is facing acute shortage of staff also and I have also sent Branch Cash Enhancement Request but it never been considered by our top Management and we are facing this problem mostly on religious occasions like Ramazan and on both Eids and even before prolonged public holidays.