Unemployment in Pakistan

As Unemployment in Pakistan rising day by day, as it is creating enormous challenges in people’s lives. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in Pakistan. A person who is unemployed and has ability and willing to do work but it is unable for him to get job opportunity. In the current situation, more than 300,000 peoples are unemployed in Pakistan and unemployment ratio 5% in Pakistan.
It is one of the major issues of Pakistan from its beginning; the rate of unemployment is very high due to lack of availabilities of jobs. This has led to a notable decrease in people’s incomes and a huge drop in their standard of living. Labour class is going throw the rough stage by their unemployment ,they cannot live their lives peacefully. Not only labours; but thousands of graduates, master’s degree holders, engineers, and in a nut shell people with almost very profession degrees are being wasted due to rocky employment system in Pakistan.
The education system in Pakistan has been really poor. No government has taken remarkable steps for the betterment of this system. It is usually seen that many of talented students left their study due to injustice and the miserable system of education. Many of notable colleges and universities are selling their degrees to students, because the education they are providing to the students of their institutions have no market value. Education plays a vital role in the life of a man where he can guide his destiny and shape his future. The role of education has become centric in order to develop a mastery economy. Since, literate and skilled citizens play a pivotal role in the development and prosperity of the country, but unfortunately, we don’t have much ability to remove poverty and joblessness.
Rapid growth in population is also one of the major factors of increasing the unemployment rate of Pakistan. There are several reasons for population growth; lack of family planning education, lack of women empowerment, poverty, preference to have more sons, etc.
The Unemployment cause particularly depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder, thousands of suicide cases, and fear. Study investigated total 11-suicide cases from the Pakistani press reports. All but one of the confirmed COVID-19 victim was suffered from lockdown-related economic bust and being partially unemployed.
Because of unemployment, rapid increase in crimes reported over time like other countries of the world. The crime statistics of Pakistan indicates that the country is not doing well in economic, social, cultural, technological, environmental, moral, and spiritual fields. As the ratio of unemployment decrease, a visible fall in crimes could be seen.
For reducing unemployment in Pakistan, we need proper planning by government. The education system of Pakistan must be well managed. We must need to ensure political stability, ensure to reduce age of retirement, and avoid laziness to have better living. There should be peaceful environment into the country, so, foreigners will be comfortable to invest in Pakistan. The agricultural sector should be well developed, and jobs must be given purely on merits.

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