US lies on Xinjiang will only bankrupt its own credibility faster: Spokesperson Zhao

BEIJING—On Monday, China responded to a report about Xinjiang that was put out by the U.S. State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC). In the report, China was accused of making and spreading false information about Xinjiang.
When asked to comment on the report, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, said at a daily news briefing that the report mixes up right and wrong and shifts blame. He also said that the U.S.’s lies about Xinjiang will only hurt its own credibility even more quickly.
Zhao said that the GEC is spreading “disinformation” through “propaganda and infiltration” in the name of “global engagement.”
Zhao said that misinformation has been used against China for a long time, and that the U.S. campaign to spread misinformation about China around the world has been especially hard on China’s Xinjiang.
Zhao said that the U.S. has been spreading the biggest lies of the century about Xinjiang for a long time as part of its evil plan to use Xinjiang to keep China in check. He added that some U.S. government officials had admitted this.
“In reality, the U.S. campaign to spread false information about Xinjiang is not new, and the methods it uses have been shown to be false many times over,” Zhao said.
He said that so-called scholars, some media, cyberspace, and government agencies all provide and use the raw materials for the lies. The U.S. government then uses the lies about Xinjiang as an excuse to punish and put pressure on China.
Zhao said that the people who tell lies and spread false information are most afraid of facts and the truth. He also said that Xinjiang is now a safe and stable place with steady and sound development, and the people there are happy and live full lives.
He said, “This is the best and most powerful answer to the U.S. campaign to spread false information about Xinjiang.”
Zhao said that no matter how many lies the US tells, they won’t fool people around the world, ruin peace and stability in Xinjiang, or drown out the voice of justice in the international community.
“In fact, what the U.S. does will only hurt its own credibility and make it go bankrupt even faster,” said a representative. – Xinhua