What is the problem with Pak-US relations?

What is the problem with Pak-US relations? Whenever elections are about to take place in the country or any major change is about to take place, such news starts coming that there is an attempt of foreign intervention in the country. Doesn’t any foreign country of the world intervene? It has happened in every country it has happened in the United States itself. Therefore, it cannot be more important that external intervention is taking place, but more importantly, in what matters is that intervention being done? Is Pakistan’s integrity being threatened by external interference? Is the country being pushed towards disintegration and civil war through external interference? If so, then this is a matter of grave concern, and external interference is limited to the extent that they are supported. Pak-US relations have a history of their own. Relations between the United States of America and Pakistan are sometimes good and sometimes very bad. God knows best about the future. India is one of the largest countries in South Asia with an area and population equal to that of many other countries in the world. Although each country has its own needs, preferences and its own location. Fortunately, Pakistan is a unique state in South Asia in terms of its location, which has many seasons as well as huge reserves of natural minerals. If Pakistan manages to utilize its natural resources properly, if this happens then Pakistan’s economy can be stabilized. Gold, silver, copper and other minerals are being extracted from Rekowdek. There are vast reserves of crude oil and gas so by using them Pakistan can strengthen its economy.
Relations between Pakistan and the United States began on October 20, 1947, just two months and six days after gaining independence from the British Raj. After that, the relationship went from strength to strength. The United States also provided grants to Pakistan in the form of annual military aid, but under certain conditions, Pakistan was obliged to spend these financial funds on purchasing American food and other services. On the occasion of Imran Khan’s visit to Russia, the media has been trying to give the impression that relations between the United States and Pakistan may have deteriorated. The international community is well aware that relations between Russia and Pakistan were not as stable as those of the United States before Imran’s visit to Russia. This visit has definitely strengthened Pak-Russia relations. The relationship between Pakistan and the United States is still strong, although it is not as it used to be. Is. Pakistan’s role in the region has been of great importance. The United States and the international community should appreciate Pakistan’s sacrifices as Pakistan stands side by side with the international community in the global war on terror. He also suffered financial loss. No matter what level our relations with the United States may be, they cannot end because the fact is that we needed the United States, are and will continue to be, Pakistan wants to improve its relations with all countries, including Russia, so what’s wrong with that? If the United States can make Israel friends with the enemies of the past (Arab countries), then does not Pakistan have the right to formulate its own geostrategic and geo-economic policy and its economic and political affairs by befriending any country through diplomacy? If the US is so sincere with Pakistan then it should first resolve Kashmir issue and Palestine issue then if Pakistan does not strengthen its relations with US then it can complain about it but all possible cooperation from us. Despite this, blaming us is not a good tradition in any way. Pakistan wants better relations with all countries, including the United States. Given the current US policy, it is difficult to say whether it is still with Pakistan or not. But it is true that many political circles in Pakistan are still with the United States.