Why Can’t We Beautify The City Of Ours Like Dubai Did: Governor Sindh Tessori

Governor Sindh Tessori: Why Can’t We Beautify Our City Like Dubai?

KARACHI: Chairman HMR Group, Haji Rafiq Pardesi welcomed the Governor Sindh Muhammad Kamran Tessori who was invited by him for lunch at his head office. Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori thanked Rafiq Pardesi and his team for hosting lunch in his honour, says a Press release.

Speaking on the auspicious occasion, Governor Sindh Muhammad Kamran Tessori said that all of us have witnessed Dubai transforming into a beautiful city out of a desert, so why can’t we beautify the city of ours? The basic thing is your intention. When there is a will, there is a way. Make commitment and efforts to change this city into a modern town, and soon you will be able to show this city to others with a pride.

The government’s job is to reward those who want to do good things and make efforts to bring out positive change in the society. Unfortunately, instead of reward, we take them to task. We must keep on doing good things with positive intentions. If this city develops, then the province and the country will develop. The construction industry plays an important role in the economic prosperity of the country. The doors of the Governor House are open to all for 24 hours.

Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori pointed out that if the countries who got freedom after us, may grow to a developed nation, why cannot we? I am sure that the project like HMR Waterfront would be a useful venture for the country’s economy, enhancing its financial status.

While addressing the participants of the event, Chairman HMR Group, Haji Rafiq Pardesi said that HMR Waterfront is a result of hundred years’ struggle. The governor is a man of commitment, a true Mujahid. We are determined to use every possible way for the development of this city and country.

Elaborating further, he said that the HMR Waterfront project has been designed by the best architects of the world. This is a gated community and we are willing to give quick possession to the people to make their life easier.

The memorable event was attended by Sajid Hassan, Yasin Malik, Chairman ABAD Altaf Tai, Ahmed Bakhshi, and dignitaries from different walks of life including media person.

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