Withdrawal of US troops


The US President Donald trump has announced that it would call all its troops
From Afghanistan before Christmas. This announcement by the US President has been
Welcomed by the Afghan Taliban, whose basic demand before the start of peace dialogue at Doha
Was to withdraw foreign troops from Afghanistan. But the big question is if US troops leave Afghanistan without any agreement between the Government of Afghanistan and Afghan Taliban
Then the country of Afghanistan might plunge into yet another civil war, which the people of
Afghanistan will not like, they are already aghast of continous war in their country. The Americans have
Spent us dollars 975 billions to win the nineteen years old war losing its 2,400 soldiers and wounding20,000, but us could not win the war nor Afghan Taliban can claim that they have Defeated the US. The peace process which begain in Doha supported by Pakistan in Feb this year was the right step in the right direction. The agreement calls for intra afghan dialogue to further promote peace and understanding between the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban. Frankly speaking the Intra Afghan dialogue if successful would pave the way for the formation of a representative government in Kabul acceptable to both Afghan Government and the Afgahan Taliban. This is what Americans want and this what the majority of Afghan people want, but if the intra Afghan dialogue fails and the US troops leave the country, then once again Afghanistan will plunge into civil war as I have written earlier affecting the entire region especially Pakistan. Therefore Afghan Taliban who have fought a long war against Us with huge sacrifice in man and material should not miss this opportunity offered in the peace process. Give and take should be policy of both sides in Intra Afghan dialogue for sustainable peace in Afghanistan otherwise they will not be able to reach at any acceptable decision to bring an end to the war. If US troops are pulled out without any tangible results of peace in Afghanistan, then nobody can stop the looming danger of civil war.
To my mind the best solution is the formation of a unity government or coalition government whatever you call it, to save the country from further destruction and human sufferings. Moreover
US president should not pull out its entire troops from Afghanistan until and unless peace agreement is reached between the incumbent government and the Afghan Taliban No doubt the peace process is a very complicated process and it might take long time.