Zafar Masud thanks God for saving life, prays for his parents

Special Report

KARACHI: Zafar Masud, President Bank of Punjab in his first interview with ‘The Financial Daily’ on Saturday after recovering from the PIA plane crash injuries has thanked Almighty Allah for saving his life in the horrible plane crash just before Eidul Fitr, terming it definite miracle of this century.
He said if he was able to know that in which act of his work God saved his life then he will do the same the rest of his life. He said he believes that behind of saving his life are prays of his parents who are very religious, righteous and down-to-earth persons.
Zafar Masud was in discussion with the delegation of Karachi Editors Club (KEC) comprising Mubasher Mir Editor Daily Pakistan Karachi & President KEC, Syed Ibne Hassan Spokesman National Bank of Pakistan, Manzar Naqvi Secretary General KEC, Agha Masood Hussain Senior member of Executive Body KEC, Shiraz Ahmed Siddiqui member KEC and Aqeel Jafri Managing Director Pirana who met him at the hospital to enquire about his health.
Mubasher Mir presented a bouquet to Zafar Mahmud from Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami Chief Editor Daily Pakistan who also talked on cell phone with Zafar Masud and enquired about his health. Syed Ibne Hassan also presented a bouquet on behalf of Arif Usmani President National Bank of Pakistan.
Zafar Masud informing the delegation about his health said his right hand was fractured and right knee also had a minor fracture from 2-3 points, doctors are waiting for MRI report and have advises him complete rest for at least 2-3 weeks.
About the plane crash, he said he, according to his habit from take-off till the landing time was busy on work with his laptop and found nothing exceptional. Flight was announced to land and touched the earth but suddenly the plane again took off but did not announce any emergency or unusual circumstances and in the next few minutes the plane was crashed. After the crashed, people helped him and took him to hospital.
Thanked God for saving his life he said he will, In Sha Allah continue to serve the humanity. He thanked all members of the delegation who came to enquire his health in the hospital.

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