Rs7.6 cut in petrol & Rs11.88 in kerosene oil a litre announced

ISLAMABAD: The government on Sunday reduced prices of petroleum products by as much as Rs11.88 per litre, according to a notification issued by the Finance Division.
The price of petrol went down by Rs7.6 per litre. A litre of petrol will now cost Rs74.52.
Kerosene oil went down by Rs11.88 to Rs35.56 per litre, according to the notification. The price of light diesel oil was reduced to Rs38.74 per litre after a cut of Rs9.37. The new prices will take effect from 12am on Monday.
The federal government decided to pass on the benefit of reduction in oil prices to consumers while turning down a proposal to give advantage of the reduced prices to oil refineries. – TLTP

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