A true ambassador of Pakistan in Milan

Mumtaz Hussain Khyal

MILAN (Italy): Dr Manzoor Ahmed Chaudhry is a true ambassador for our country. In corona pandemic, Italy hit by many aspects, economic, trade, transport and many more businesses are down. For last 6-7 weeks, the mobility of common people is limited and somewhere restricted. No one is allowed to roam around without any genuine reasons.
There is a well enough quantity of Pakistani students residing in Milan and its twins-cities. Lockdown is now extended to May third. Pakistan Consul General Milan, Doctor Manzoor Ahmed Chaudhry took a greater initiative for those students who are stuck at their hostels, he provided a food package for all those students living around.
In these circumstances when everyone is working remotely or just at home, it’s difficult to manage the common social activities and cope with this unpredictable challenges. Pakistani students are in very hard situations but CG helped them in a very great way. Truly, he plays a central role here as a head of a family to support them.
Chaudhary Shahid Nazir Gujjar, a great social activist is also playing a vital role to help the community members in this hard time. He took a smart step to form a WhatsApp group to connect the community members at one platform. He runs this group effectively along with many prominent members. And he solved many queries in real time with great potential.
Brescia, is another greater city in Lombardia-Italy, where Tahir Mehmood, Social activist from Islamic Society Italy is playing a key role to help daily-wages people. He added that we helped 63 family in this lockdown and we are going to support more new 100 families in upcoming month of Ramazan.
The lockdown was first set to April third, then extended to April 13, and now the government officials has said that we will extend this lockdown to May 3.

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