APC an exercise in futility

Crying foul after every general election or by election has become routine of Pakistani politics. Loser never accepts his defeat and threatens to start protests against the winning party. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour a very old and seasoned politician showed courage grace in accepting his defeat by praising Imran the winner that should be the spirit of every losing candidate. ECP should award him gold medal by holding proper ceremony to honor him. Election Commission took all the necessary precautions humanly possible to ensure that elections are conducted free fair and in transparent manner. They deserve appreciation for doing their duties to the entire satisfaction of the people of Pakistan. There is no ideal situation anywhere in the country, some problems do occur like polling staff not reaching in time, speed of casting votes, proper administrative arrangements etc. This time RMS (Result Management System) employed first time in Pakistan developed some technical fault and few hours to rectify the system, as a result the results got delayed but to attribute it to rigging is ridiculous. Each polling station has poling agents of the contesting parties and no one can dare to manipulate the results or indulge in bogus voting. This time security has been over tight as a result “Thappa Mafia” failed to perform their tricks which had been the hall mark of previous elections. But the fact remains Election Commission does require reforms to ensure more fairness and transparency and that can only be achieved if the polling staff is given proper training. This is the biggest weakness observed after each election
As anticipated all those parties who failed to get elected and those who got less seats called for All Parties Conference on the request of Maulana Fazal-ur-Rahman who formed MMA and only managed to get 12 seats, he himself lost the election with big margin and proposed other parties not to take oath without realizing its consequences. The good sense prevailed and other parties did not approve this proposal so Maulana Shaib is left alone. Interesting part is those who have been rejected by the people they were in the fore front. They also threatened to stage protests against alleged rigging.
Much before the elections some media houses were busy against PTI and were busy in attacking Imran’s personal life. Some vested interests launched Reham Khan previous wife of Imran rightly divorced and another lady Gulla Lai who contested election from 4 constituencies and only got 35 and got her security deposit confiscated. Their uncalled for conferences against Imran Khan and live coverage to them did not help both of them, instead people did not like these two ladies to behave so immaturely. JI had met the same fate because after enjoying almost five years of power as coalition partner suddenly took u turn and became part of MMA. People did not like this as a result they rejected them so much so JI Chief Sirajul Haq lost his own seat. The people are now fully aware and the awareness created by Imran Khan in the people of Pakistan has been the main factor of PTI’s victory
The entire world has been watching this election for obvious reasons. The international media as well Indian media specially was very hostile against PTI but what surprises is the modus operandi of the international media. They would invite only those analyst who are against Imran where as an invitee has to be a neutral person to get the correct picture. But at the same time sitting on foreign channel talking against own country is deplorable. Look at the social media, stories floated and mostly it was advocated that establishment is behind Imran Khan. But after the results they should come on TV channels and seek apology from the nation for the wrong propaganda, even otherwise no one listens to them, they have lost their credibility.
Let us see what happened to those who were alleged to be backed up by establishment. PSP result zero seats, Tahreek Lubaik zero, Hafiz Saeed Zero seats, Jeep flopped and met with an accident, GDA that also flopped, BAP also flopped, Ch Nisar a great leader who still remains in decisive was debated from from his home constituency, many more such examples can be given.
PML N should look back at the past history before criticizing the establishment and caretakers. The caretaker Prime Minister is the same who provided relief to Nawaz Sharif by dispensing with time bar clauses, 14 years RI was revoked and 21 years disqualification set aside, got loans worth many crores of rupees were waived off and paved way for him to become third time Prime Minister. It was Nawaz Sharif who was responsible to appoint Justice NasarulMulk as caretaker Prime Minister, Chief Election Commissioner was also appointed by Nawaz Sharif and members of Election Commission were of his own choice. He picked up Army chief of his own choice; he got DG ISI of his own choice. In fact the entire top people of the country were his own choice; PTI had no hand in all these selections neither the establishment. Having lost the election through their own appointees, there is no justification to point fingers on them and blame that elections were not fair. APC should accept the people verdict and move forward to address the issues. In the words of Marcus Aurelius “When a bunch of known corrupt people unite against one man and spare no effort to ridicule him, blackmail him and attempt to assassinate his character, blindly follow that one man.”

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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