Back Office DDS sets out Pakistan via generating employment, remittance

Our focus is to uplift Pak economy by pulling foreign
business and to create jobs, Hamza Manjlai tells TFD

TFD Report

KARACHI: Back Office DDS believes that an employer should present itself as a symbolic guide for its employees. We instill confidence in employees of all levels, and when such happens, the organization grows exponentially, CEO Jawed Manjlai tells the TFD.
He said that an employer who cares deeply about the company and its mission should give employees a sense of belonging that makes the workplace more comfortable for everyone. In such an environment they will make full use of their capabilities which will directly benefit the industry as well as company. We are not just proud to create employment and opportunities for our young generation in Pakistan but at the same time we have created positive image of the country in outsourcing world.
Jawed says that Great employers see their employees as key members of a team that helps a company to increase its productivity so that it can achieve great heights. For any organization, its team is its real asset. They create a culture in which employees are proud of the company and want it to succeed. We are proud to be able to provide security and confidence to our employees. Jawed Manjlai told TFD.
Head of operations Hamza Manjlai reveals the story of the establishment of their organization. He tells that they started their firm with strong foundation by providing strategic training to the employees in first six months of the foundation.
Hamza says that our focus is to uplift Pak economy by pulling foreign business and to create more jobs that we could shrink unemployment rate in the country. He tells that we give our employees the opportunity to bear the burden of their education alone, including supporting their families. We assist them with tactical training, lucrative salary packages, incentives and bonuses.

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