Bloody revolution or elections only way to remove ruling elite, declares Imran Khan

BAHAWALPUR: Former prime minister Imran Khan on Saturday said “a bloody revolution” or “elections” are the only way to remove the ruling elite imposed on the nation.
Addressing a huge gathering in Bahawalpur, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman highlighted how the Sharifs, Zardari and Maulana Fazlur Rehman are a disease the country is suffering from.
He maintained that the incumbent government did not come to power to reduce inflation but only to protect their ill-gotten wealth.
Reiterating his call for fresh general elections, Imran added the country will continue to suffer because no one knows where the country is headed towards. “We are stuck in the quicksand of debt,” the ex-premier said as he pinned hope on overseas Pakistanis for always
lending help to their home country in the time of crisis.
The PTI chief went on to say that the only way overseas Pakistanis will bring their money back is when they know the justice system in the nation is active.
Imran Khan has warned the government that he can turn into a ‘cornered tiger’ if pushed against the wall.
The PTI Chief said that he is grateful that God has awakened our nation. The person that believes in God is never afraid of anyone else, he added. He added that there is a turncoat politician in Bahawalpur who was with the PTI for three years but then sold his loyalties.
Bahawalpur, never vote for such turncoats again, he added. Taking to the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Imran Khan said that nation works hard but politicians like him steal their money and launder it out of the country. Maryam Nawaz used to say that she does not have any property anywhere in the world, she is so poor she should be put in the Ihsaas program, he added.
However, the Panama leaks disclosed that she owns flats worth billions in London. Those flats were bought with the money stolen from the people of the country, he added.
Imran Khan said that he is preparing his country to fight for real independence. “We have to fight together to claim independence from these corrupt leaders. There are two ways to bring revolution to the country, one is the Imam Khomeini model and the second is by vote,” he
The former premier added that Fazlur Rehman uses religion for political gains.
He said that the country was progressing after 17 years in their era, despite COVID the country’s growth was 6%. Farmers made record profits in their era, they kept petroleum prices low to facilitate people, he added.
He said that only a 5-year government after free and fair elections can provide political stability to the country. There is no economic stability without political stability, he added.
The PTI Chief said that no one wants to invest in Pakistan due to the instability. If 500,000 thousand people invest in the country. we would not need IMF anymore, he added.
“We will have to establish a rule of law to convince overseas Pakistanis to invest in the country. Media will not be allowed to defame someone in new Pakistan,” he added.
He warned the government saying he has been facing hardships for the past 4 months, including media blacklisting, arrests and terrorism cases. He could have staged a sit-in but avoided conflict, he added.
The nation stands, including Sindh, stand with him in this fight for real independence, and will free Sindh from Zardari, he added. Can turn into a cornered tiger if they push him against the wall, the PTI Chief warned.
He said that his opponents would not have a place to hide if he gives a call for protest, which is nearing. Announce free elections and save the country, he added.
Earlier, the PTI chairman addressed a lawyers’ convention in the same city, the former PM on said he needed help of the lawyers community to take down all the mafias imposed
on the country. “Who protects democracy? The lawyers,” he emphasized. “The only reason we have been sent to this world is to dispense justice,”
Highlighting the responsibility of the lawyers in a democracy, Imran cited how Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah also belonged to the same profession. “Land mafia has become the biggest mafia in the country,” he added, saying that thieves have taken over the country.
The ex-premier cited how the jungle is ruled by the strongest and mightiest but an Islamic society is one where the weak are protected. He reiterated his intention to create a society in the country in which the powerful people are held accountable for their actions. “Rule of law
needs to be established.” – NNI