Budget and prices of Pakistani products


It was an old time when wars were fought at gunpoint. Now times have changed and the trends of that time have also changed. Now only powerful countries try to suppress weak countries by force of arms. Developed countries refrain from using weapons against each other, because they are well aware that the use of the type of weapons that exist in this age will only lead to widespread destruction on both sides. Therefore, in this era, economic war is being fought instead of arms war.
All the developed countries have opened economic fronts against each other and are trying to outdo each other in this field. In this era of economic growth, all the countries of the world are devising innovative ways for their development in the field of economy and are making their place in the world by earning foreign exchange from more and more exports. Today, the more economically strong a country is, the more it will be valued in the world, and the less economically weak countries are of no importance in the world.
Dear country, Pakistan is an economically weak country in which the economic situation is deteriorating day by day. Poor policies of the government have created a storm of inflation, which has caused outcry not only from the poor but also from the middle class. The main reason for the weakness of the Pakistani economy is the exorbitant increase in taxes and uncertainty, which makes investors afraid to invest here. In addition, the preference for foreign products over domestic products is also a major cause of inflation. People are recklessly using foreign products.
There are two classes of users of foreign products. There is a class of rich people who use foreign products as a source of pride, that is, they are proud of using big brands of foreign products, while there is a class of poor and middle class people who prefer to use such foreign products. Cheaper items, such as Chinese goods that are available in abundance at much lower prices than domestic products.
The government has no significant cure for the class that uses foreign products only as a source of pride, but for the other class which is forced to buy foreign products at low prices due to lack of income. Has provided some treatment in this budget to reduce the prices of some domestic products, including auto rickshaws, motorcycle rickshaws, up to 200cc motorcycles and Pakistan-made mobile phones. These items are widely used, especially motorcycles and mobile phones are needed by almost everyone, and the middle and poor class mostly prefer cheap Chinese mobile phones and motorcycles. Therefore, reduction in the prices of these commodities will be of great benefit to the national economy.
There were many shortcomings in the budget, especially not to increase the salaries of employees and pensioners. An increase in the salaries of this class is very important, even if it is small. Because they are directly employed by the government and usually have no other source of income and their salaries are fixed, even if they work 24 hours a day, they will still get the same salary as fixed by the government. Has done Therefore, if their salaries were not high, they would be given a small increase so that they would be happy and would happily continue doing government work.
However, we were talking about domestic products, so the government has made a good decision to reduce the prices of some important domestic products in the recent budget. But apart from the government, the people also have some responsibilities to prioritize domestic products and focus on the development of their country instead of pointless arrogance. As far as possible, we should get in the habit of using domestic products and stop using foreign products. This will boost local industries and revive local industries. This will reduce imports and increase exports. This will go a long way in reviving the economy
When locals abandon the use of domestic products and prefer foreign products over them, domestic industries close down, leading to an increase in imports. We use foreign goods with great pride, but as a result, when the country’s economic situation deteriorates, we start cursing the government. We should be proud of using domestic products and use domestic products as much as possible.
In addition, the government should enact laws to improve the quality of domestic products and raise public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of using domestic products. The government occasionally mentions the use of domestic products to the extent of verbal rhetoric, but in practice nothing is done. In addition, the government should keep a close eye on the illegal export of domestic goods and the import of foreign goods
We have a lot of smuggling which makes our country’s products anonymous. Similarly, illegal imports of foreign products make those goods available in the market at cheaper prices, while domestic products are sold at higher prices due to payment of taxes. Therefore, people prefer foreign goods because of the reduction in prices. Which gets the wheel of the country’s industry jammed.
Therefore, the government should not only improve the quality of domestic products, but also make their access to the public easier and impose minimum taxes on domestic industrialists and manufacturers so that they can easily produce cheap and quality products. It is the responsibility of the people to stop buying foreign goods for the development of their homeland and buy domestic products, even if they are of low quality, so as to stabilize the national economy and move the country on the path of development.