Child abuse cases rise in Pakistan: Arshad Saleem

Imran Zakir

KARACHI: Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Law and order Committee (Sindh Region) organised an awareness session on Child abuse & Mental health issue to raise its significant importance in society held at FPCCI head office, here Tuesday.
The chief guest of the event is Consul General of United Arab Emirates Bukheet Ateeq Al- Romanti and guest of honour is Senior Superintendent of Police Suhai Aziz.
Speaking at the event Chief Operating Officer Hamdard Laboratories Dr. Arsahd Saleem said that there is the significant rise of Child abuse cases in society which needs every one’s attention because it destroyed not only the life of victims but its parents also. Parents must keep their eyes on their children all the time because it’s their prime responsibility.
Guest of honour SSP Suhai Aziz said that Child rights legislation is completed and corporal punishment are finalised by Ministry of law so the culprits will behind the bars and punished. I’m in collaboration with human rights activists organizations to prevent the society from heinous crimes.
Due to lack of education we are still facing child abuse cases in our society. Our senior leadership including our Inspector General Ghulam Nabi Memon is working closely with civil
Society and CPLC donated an app “Zainab Alert” to report such incidents.
Reema Aziz shared her experience of her taking care of abused child victims which shocked the audience that most of the abusers have common 3Ws that they are well educated, well off and well established people.
On this occasion Muhammed Yousuf Victory, Syeda Rafia Mamujee, Nausheen Barkat and Navid Wahid also addressed the audience. slot