New envoy in Italy meets Pak community in Milan

Mumtaz Hussain Khyal

MILAN (Italy): Pakistan’s new ambassador to Italy Jauhar Saleem met virtually with Pakistani community in Italy through social networking site Zoom, here Monday. Almost 38 to 40, community members along with Pakistani journalists participated in this meeting. Ambassador was based in Rome, however, CG Milan Dr Manzoor Ahmed Chaudhry organised this meeting.
Community members warm heated welcomed to new ambassador Jaguar Saleem in Italy. Many community members raised their questions. In addition, Pakistani students in Italy asked for flights to Pakistan and they were concerned about the upgraded expensive fares.
Students from Torino, and Rome, raised their requests to ambassador for special flights and the fares from different travel agencies and also they quoted that PIA is also charging double then the normal amount.
Few people asked about the dead body’s issues and rest of the members were talking about the passport and national identity card issues.
Ambassador assured them to solve their issues with priority. Jauhar Saleem previously served in Germany as an ambassador of Pakistan and joined Italy early in April this year.

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