Why create state of uncertainty?


Glance through any newspaper, magazine and just look at the news one gets frightened with the stories published. News are full of sensation and mostly news relate to criticism on the government, faults with our judicial system and most favourite subject of interest civil military relations. 50 percent news relate to Imran Khan’s poor governance and rest of the news are about deteriorating relations between centre and provinces. Somehow or the other an impression prevails as if 18th amendment in the constitution allows complete freedom to provinces and centre cannot interfere in any matter. This perception is not correct. As a result provincial ministers and federal ministers are engaged in fruitless battle to prove their authority and supremacy. While doing so exchange of hot words and personal attacks on each other has become regular feature of our volatile politics.

As this was not enough people of Pakistan watch daily in the shape of Tamasha on most of the tv channels where leaders of different parties sit and during discussion shower pearls of wisdom and support their leadership by abusing ,accusing other party leaders under various anchors who have their own agendas and they feel if they are expert in every field and perhaps know everything and their word is final. Some channels who hold one to one show are comparatively better as viewers feel comfortable and can easily draw their conclusions. A critical report about talk shows reveals gradually people are distancing themselves from talk shows which have literally become pain in the neck.

It was a good decision to telecast parliament debates so that people know what is happening in the country and outside world but it appears this decision was no good and it would be more appropriate if this is discontinued as it is tarnishing the image of Pakistan internationally People had taken sigh of relief that Pakistan army has successfully defeated enemies of Pakistan and has routed out the terrorists from the soil of Pakistan after great sacrifices in men and material. We were in state of war for the last 17 years. Our success has been to reach to a negotiated solution between Taliban and US and good sense has prevailed on both sides as US has announced withdrawal of its troops after 18 months.

But now we are faced with a bigger war in our own home. State institutions have been diluted to an extent that even the decisions of highest judiciary are not only implemented but are ridiculed and responsible functionaries openly show defiance. This state of affairs is to be taken seriously. Freedom of speech, yes it is good thing but it has also its limitations. A very simple question any one in any capacity if says anything against Pakistan he should be snubbed and under no circumstances it should be tolerated. Any one propagating such thoughts in any manner through print or electronic media must be curbed with full force.If Pakistan has to progress, prosper we have to stop if need be crush all those forces who want to create war like situation with in the country.

Some how or the other we have developed a tendency to over play the sensitive issues to gain cheap popularity and get sympathies of anti state elements. Pakistan has done so much for Afghan people and treated them as brothers and still looking after them. Pakistan’s all successive governments believed that peaceful Afghanistan is also in our interest. Amalgamation of Fata in to KPK has been a major step forward and it will take care of their problems like on entity.

When you have a prolonged wars irrespective of the areas it breeds problems but no army of the world can leave the ground until objectives or achieved or the enemies are defeated. Afghan war was thrust by Russian invasion and after their defeat war imposed by US known as war on terror was more horrible for both Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is the sacrifices of our security forces and Taliban principled stand has forced the super power to announce their exit plan, in the process US roughly wasted around$ 4 trillions and lost over 4000 soldiers besides wounding over 20000. Pakistan paid heavy price in men and material and lost over 70000 lives including large number of officers and men besides incurring loss of $120 billions. While US has planned to leave Pakistan it will be appropriate to ask for compensation at least caused to our infrastructure.

An effort is being made through overt and covert means to instigate people against security agencies that must be condemned and those advocating should be taken to taken to task. Any injured person or hurt needs immediate treatment and not exploitation, we all must be careful. Pakistan is moving forward gradually against all odds and now this journey cannot be stopped. Individual incidents against anybody should not be exploited but those responsible must be brought to justice without losing time. In conditions of great uncertainty people tend to predict the events that they want to happen actually will happen. Let us be watchful.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.