Down with ego, rise over self

Down with ego

Too very tough and rough an ask and so very difficult and daunting a task it is to even think of or ponder over the so very dire need of the hour calling ” Down with ego, rise over self “. What a horrendous and magnanimous challenge to the grace and dignity of our leaders and statesmen, if any!
As such, why, when, how and where trend-setters are so very rampantly stubborn on vanities, obstinate on values, procrastinate on promises, the net result nose-dive ominously minus zero amid vociferous alarms of sheer helplessness over the dim, dull, dreary, dampened, if not dark horizon.
How such so very leaderless and rudderless crises leave helpless and hapless masses and followers in a lurch with the bowl of the commoners begging to save them from soaring and roaring unbridled and uncontrollable inflation, poverty, hunger, disease, law and order situation indeed?!
Ray of hope at the end of the tunnel may sense, sound and seem idealism, if not labelled as fantastic, sarcastic and bombastic! Amid dreads and facts of the dark and stark reality 0of our bewitched and bewildered political scenario and with none and nothing to lose, how about eulogizing!
Please do imagine, eulogize, fantasize, with nothing and none to risk, WE, over and above back-biting, infighting, leg-pulling, mud-slinging, nationwide to worldwide, natural ONE FAMILY of sharing and caring, comprising grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren.
Nothing like one Allah-made, original and natural bond and affinity, nation-wide and world-wide, head of family, symbol and model of guidance and help for the family before insights and instincts of craftiness and cunningness surface and nurture to corruption and disruption.
Whichever the utopia and whatever the idealism, one thing is for sure, the adolescent side of a leader or statesman desperately needs to grow into emotional maturity, penetrative thinking and seriousness of purpose. If status quo is not changed from the child-mindset of a would-be leader followers like today go astray, hoodwinked and exploited to untold miseries, agonies and sufferings amid vociferous alarms of helplessness.