Enlightened and fearless media can play decisive role in educating public

Staff Reporter

KARACHI: A socially responsible valued loaded, enlightened and fearless media can play a decisive role in educating the public about current affairs, paving the way for transparency, and
uplifting the spirit of the nation, these views were expressed by renowned journalist and writer Mehmood Sham at Shura Hamdard meeting, held yesterday on the title: “Responsible Journalism and Ethical Values” at Hamdard Corporate Head Office. The meeting was presided over by Speaker Justice (Retd) Haziq-ul-Khairi.
Mehmood Sham further said the media should play an effective role in spreading the right kind of consciousness and awareness among the people concerning the goals and limitations of national planners.
He further said that ethical and moral values were compromised in the age of social media, as it was heavily used by pressure groups to push their negative and anti-societal narratives.
Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan said: “The rise of fake news is alarming as it causes panic and uncertainty among the general public. Corruption’s roots are now deep in society affecting every sector. Journalism was supposed to be the alarm and eyes of the nation, unfortunately that
too succumbed to bribery and political influences.”
Shaikh Usman Damohi said: “The media also plays an effective role in opening up debates among the people and policymakers in deciding the priorities and decision-making principles, and determining the possible fallouts in the process of implementation. In the case of Pakistan, it should help good governance by discussing weaknesses and bottlenecks in the process of change, and resolve them through creative suggestions and in-depth analysis.”