Famine – disasters and solutions

Haroon al-Rashid was the fifth caliph of his family. The Abbasids ruled the Islamic world for a long time, but only Haroon al-Rashid was the most famous of them. During the reign of Haroon al-Rashid, there was once a great famine. The effects of this famine began to be felt from Samarkand to Baghdad and from Kufa to Morocco. Haroon al-Rashid tried all the measures to deal with this famine, he opened the granaries.

Taxes were waived, government anchorages were established throughout the empire and all nobles and merchants were mobilized to help the victims, but despite this, the conditions of the people did not improve. One night, Haroon al-Rashid was under severe tension, he could not sleep. In this state of tension, he called his prime minister Yahya bin Khalid. Yahya bin Khalid was also Haroon al-Rashid’s teacher. He trained the king from childhood.

Haroon al-Rashid said to Yahya Khalid, “Dear teacher, tell me a story that will make me understand”. This story was destiny, destiny and Allah. It is the greatest and most brilliant interpretation of Reza. If you allow, I will repeat that story in front of you,” said the king anxiously, “or teacher, tell me immediately.

My life is stuck in my throat” said Yahya Khalid. “In a forest, a monkey started to leave for a journey. She had a child. She could not take the child with her, so she went to the lion and asked him. “Sir, you are the king of the jungle.” The lion took the supporter. The monkey handed over her baby to the lion. The lion took the baby on his shoulder. The monkey went on a journey.

One day he was roaming in the forest when suddenly an eagle shot from the sky. It came close to the lion. It picked up the baby monkey and disappeared in the sky. The lion ran in the forest but could not catch the eagle. Yahya Khalid stopped. He took a breath and said to Caliph Haroon al-Rashid, “King Salamat returned to Bandaria after a few days and demanded her child from the lion.” The tiger replied with shame, “Your child has been taken by the tiger.” The monkey got angry and shouted, “How are you a king? You have not been able to protect a trust.” The lion shook his head sadly and said, “I am the king of the earth.”

If any calamity came from the earth towards your child, I would have stopped it, but this calamity came from the sky and the calamities of the sky can only be stopped by the one in the sky. After narrating this story, Yahya bin Khalid asked Haroon al-Rashid, “King Salamat, even if this calamity of famine had come from the earth, you would have stopped it. This is the punishment of heaven. Only Allah can stop it, so you should stop it.” Do not become a king, become a pauper, this calamity will stop.

There are two types of calamities in the world, heavenly calamities and earthly calamities. It is necessary for the child to be satisfied with the heavenly calamity, while the unity of human beings, the full use of resources and the sincerity of the rulers are required to save the child from the earthly calamity. Yahya bin Khalid said to Haroon al-Rashid, “Peace be upon you, the heavenly calamities do not end until a person pleases his Lord.”

You will not be able to face this calamity as a king, so you should become a pauper. Fall before Allah, repent to Him, ask Him for help. All the problems of the world and their solutions are only as far as the distance between the forehead and the place of prayer, but alas, we can go across seven seas to solve our problems, but there is a few inches of distance between the forehead and the place of prayer.

These are the reasons that today the Muslim Ummah and especially the rulers of Islamic countries are suffering from the most severe trials in every age. Those who rule are those who belong to Allah. They ask for the help of Allah who fail as soon as they believe in resources and power.

As there are many problems and calamities in Pakistan today. A program of humiliating human beings and humanity is going on as soon as they label each other as thieves and thieves, but even today, despite our knowledge, education and awareness, we cannot say right is right and wrong is wrong, because the hearts of the people are here. Rather than the rule of the Lord, the rule of the personality has been preferred. Come and see that our rulers today are far away from their Lord, five times prayer restriction. There are no signs of unity in public rights, trustworthiness and humanitarianism. You must have read above that resources and unity should be used to deal with earth disasters.

In order to get rid of heavenly calamities, we should increase our relationship with our Lord, but even when natural calamities come to us, efforts are made to keep the political fields warm as the political corruption and incompetence of the rulers of the earth are colored. Instead, if you unite and increase your relationship with the Lord, you can surely get salvation.