Global Trends

An interesting coincidence occured recently, when a US Intelligence report and Pakistan FO statement on Pak-India relations were published the same day. According to the detailed US intelligence report, even if the two neighbouring countries do not go into a war against each, there is still no possiblity for even track one or two diplomacy. Whereas the FO statement has already announced that SAARC conference which was to be hosted by Pakistan is not likely to the held anytime soon.
It also says that as for the appointment of high commissioners was concerned, no such decision had taken place as yet.
US report is very interesting as it states that they are still concerned about the withdrawal of their troops from Kabul on the 1st of May lest this would ensue a civil war between the Talibans and Afghan Government. And and also by doing this, the Iranians, Chinese and also Pakistan would take over the abandoned region.
Another noteworthy development is that Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal are saying that they will not let India become the godfather of South Asia, so they want to maintain cordial relations with Beijing to stop India from doing so. Also, on the other hand, despite their growing interest in China, these South Asian countries do not wish to sever ties with the USA, unlike Iran. So, keeping this situation in mind and looking into future, Islamabad and Beijing are playing their cards better than Delhi, especially to balance their relations with all important countries. As per my report last week where I said that all is well with IK government, the Jehangir Tareen factor is significant and can become a major threat for PTI rule but it is all subject to the Pindi-wallahs who still do not want to destabilize IK government lest it would become a gainful situation for the PMLN.

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