Why Prime Minister should apologise

It is very strange that some writers have joined hands and are demanding apology from the Prime Minister who while appearing in telethon in answer to a question he linked rise in rape with obscenity and vulgarity. Instead understanding the spirit expressed by the Prime Minister in the context these were made has started criticising and sponsored agitation was also observed. Our so called intellectuals are interpreting Prime Minister’s statement as if he has blamed rape victim’s women and children for not observing parda and obscenity. This is wrong assumption and interpretation and there is no justification at all to stretch the meaning out of context. It must be categorically stated that Prime Minister has all along been against obscenity and western culture and so are the people of Pakistan. Aren’t we living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan? If the answer is yes, what Islam teaches us and talks about women when moving out? They all must observe Parda and properly dressed up, instead following Hindu and western culture. Islam has strongly emphasised the concept of decency and modesty in the interaction between members of the opposite sex. Dress code is part of that over all teaching. There are two verses in Quran in which Almighty Allah talks about the issue of decency and hijab. The First Verse, In Chapter 24 known as an-Nur (the light) in verse 30, Allah commands Prophet Muhammad as follows “say to the believing men that: they should cast down their glances and guard their private parts (by being chaste) This better for them”This is a command to Muslim men that they should not lustfully look at women (other than their own wives); and in order to prevent any possibility of temptation, they are required to cast their glances downwards. This is known as “hijab of the eyes” Then in the next verse Allah commands the Prophet to address the women “Say to the believing women that: they should cast down their glances and guard their private parts (by being chaste)…” This is similar command as given to the men in the previous verse regarding “hijab of the eyes” After “hijab of the eyes” came the order describing the dress code for women.”… and not display their beauty except what is apparent, and they should place their khumur (the veil covering the head) over their bosoms” The second verse. In Chapter 33 known as Al-Ahzab,verse 59, Allah gives the following command to Prophet Muhammad: O Prophet say to your wives, our daughters, and the women of the believers that: they should let down upon themselves their jalabib” *Jalabib) means a loose outer garment
There are no restrictions on so called liberals as we witnessed on women day. Everyone enjoys freedom in Pakistan; unfortunately just false propaganda is going on against government for the sake of opposition.
Question arises is it bad and objectionable to preach Islamic way of living as per teachings of Quran. Prime Minister is working hard to make Pakistan Riasat-e Madina. What he meant was that it is also a factor of crimes on rape; he never said that it was the only cause. Public openly demands hanging of such criminals involved in rape of women and teenagers but so called liberals and human rights activists oppose such harsh punishments. Since the words have come from the mouth of Prime Minister therefore it must be objected like another matters. It is unnecessarily being given importance otherwise people in majority have been expressing their concern on vulgarity on social media. Irrespective of the circumstances, come what may the culprit is the one who commits the crime. Such dirty people need to be hanged publicly for making it deterrence for all those planning to indulge in such heinous crimes. Prime Minister nowhere has said that the victim is responsible. Can any one deny the influence of movies and dramas and other vulgar material being loaded on social media that at times results in committing crimes. Day light robberies, car snatching, mobile snatching and killing people on the spot are result of bad movies and dramas where such techniques are displayed.
Besides the comments of PM Imran Khan we all need to look at ourselves and our society as a whole and figure out how we have detached ourselves from our religious obligations and our traditions and our customs. Socially we have allowed ourselves to be absurdly corrupted as we accepted the western culture as more relevant than our own. Our younger generation is confused and if is in this context that I say that we should focus on our own religion and culture and the legacy of our elders to draw the best lessons to teach our children. PM I mean Khan has spoken about what majority in this country considers right. So the west and their supporters in this country should stop blaming imran Khan for saying what most of us consider is right.

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