imran zakir

KARACHI: Habib Bank Limited, the largest multinational bank has allegedly added to the miseries to its customers by temporarily closing around 265 bank branches out of more than 800 all over Pakistan on the plea that their staff is affected from this COVID-19 pandemic.
The decision taken by the Bank’s senior management is also aimed at cost-cutting purpose as revealed by a source that many branches are going in loss instead of increasing their schedule of banks charges also.
One of the affectees of HBL Dr. Erfana Malik, is the customer of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block -II branch having A/c No. 18487900036703. She is in dire need of her 6-month bank statement but failed to avail is due to closure of her Branch since June 12, 2020. She visited her branch on alternate days. Then she visited HBL branch in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-5 but it was also close due to corona. Ultimately she visited another nearest branch in Block-4, which was open but Manager of that branch refused to provide the six-month bank statement saying it is possible only from the mother branch.
She failed to submit her bank statement for job purpose abroad. Many HBL customers are facing such inconvenience by closure of more than 30 percent bank branches across Pakistan and their customer are unaware when their branches will reopen.
HBL is emphasizing its customers to adopt digitize and internet mode of banking by downloading its App but there is very low ratio of financial literacy in the country to handle such transactions
When Bank’s senior management was contacted to know why the bank’s staff is worst affected by the COVID -19 leaving behind many questions but they did not respond.