Implementation of rule of law


Let us today identify what is the real problem of Pakistan? Everyone has right to give his opinion freely but at the same time while giving opinion every one must keep in mind the ground realities. All political parties irrespective of their popularity have just one aim to get in to power, otherwise why should the parties be contesting elections. Generally speaking the perception built up by media is that perhaps country’s main problem is military but that is not correct because it is more of propaganda by vested interests. The other school of thought is Nawaz Sharif that also stands over ruled, the list has many more names like Zardari, Bilawal, Fazalur Rahman and latest addition is Imran Khan.

How individuals can become problem? This is the perception that has been developed coupled with the propaganda by the enemies of Pakistan projecting their favorites and portraying them as heroes and they support them openly. But the fact is that our real problem is Absence of Rule of Law from the country. Since inception of Pakistan law has only been applied to poor. When we talk about speedy disposal of cases, quick dispensation of justice it starts from poor and ends up at poor.

We daily witness throughout Pakistan how the country laws are flouted by elite without any fear of accountability, how poor man is treated in police stations, in hospitals and government offices is an open secret. We daily see display of power, misuse of official authority. But have no choice but to accept it as fate accompli. But the way the things are moving it appears we are deliberately doing our best to destroy our country.

Look at the attitude and behavior of our leaders. They loot plunder and when you question them they adopt hostile attitude and can go to any extent to abuse agencies and judiciary. Latest example is behavior of Shahbaz Sharif leader of opposition in the National Assembly who is facing corruption charges and is under investigation by NAB. 95 percent of his speech was against NAB for which there was no justification.

Parliament has nothing to do with NAB cases. NAB like parliament is constitutional institution and is independent. His entire speech was nothing but criticism against NAB, and he accused NAB for having unholy alliance with PTI. In fact he should have raised these questions with the NAB during investigation instead making hue and cry in the national assembly.

He was trying to take advantage by being leader of the opposition in the National Assembly. Surprisingly he was supported by Khursheed Shah of PPP. To be very frank his speech attracts provisions of contempt of court but since judiciary has been extra lenient in its application especially against PML N leaders that is why they don’t care and are continuing their assault on premier institution of the country. It is on record some of the leaders were charged on contempt charges but let off and that is why it is being taken very lightly. How on earth any one can criticize NAB in the parliament.

What a tragedy of this nation. The NAB was created by Gen Musharraf in 1999. We had two democratic governments, who stopped them not to do away with the NAB. Surprisingly the chairman NAB was appointed after mutual consultation and great MUK MUKKA between Nawaz Sharif and Khursheed Shah. It was their pick and choice how they bracket it as sympathizer of PTI is something not understandable at all? By ridiculing NAB we are only trying to bring harm to the institution. Instead of cursing NAB and its investigators why don’t legislators close down NAB or alternatively assembly should constitutionalise corruption and do away with NAB, FIA and Anti Corruption departments. Later on as the time passes think of doing away with the courts. For God sake let us not make joke of our country and turn it in to banana republic.

As this was not enough on 16 October 2018 we witnessed great drama in Punjab Assembly when opposition staged strong protest at the time of presenting 8 month budget. They tore in to pieces the copies of agenda threw these papers on the floor of the house, chairs,tables and mikes were damaged. This is called democratic protest where members of the assembly are free to damage the public property and fight with each other. In fact the protest had nothing to do with the eight month budget but the agitation was against detention of Shahbaz Sharif by NAB on corruption charges.

It was shameful conduct on the part of provincial legislators who are supposed to maintain decorum and dignity of the house behave in such disorderly manner. Be it National Assembly or provincial assembly matter being subjudice could not be discussed in the house. The right forum is the court. It will be seen how the courts view such flagrant violations of much talked constitution of Pakistan. If the present tendency of hooliganism is not controlled we may be close to destroying democracy allowing other forces to intervene. Sanity must prevail. It is the collective responsibility of the legislators on both sides to establish rule of law otherwise we should be prepared for the worst.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.