Imran Khan, politicians and Establishment

As both Imran Khan and the establishment are playing to the tune of our enemies and there is political and economic instability in the country due to which we seems to be going down further. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is seen in an aggressive mood like Shahid Afridi, he wants a response to every ball. It feels like they are playing in the hands of some stupid advisers, they have failed to understand this. On the other hand, the side also seems willing to pull the trigger so that Imran Khan is forced to play a wrong shot. After getting the Imran Khan government in Punjab, they need to act very smartly and wisely and carefully, as everyone knows that the party that gets a huge majority from Punjab in the elections, the same party is in a position to form the government in the federation. Unfortunately, at present, Imran Khan is bent on wielding an ax on his own feet despite all that he knows. On the other hand, the establishment is completely ignoring public sentiments in its response to Imran Khan’s objectionable statements. Shahbaz Gul’s case is very similar to that of Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, who was jailed for three years for writing a letter to top army officers. Imran Khan’s supporters are not ready to trust the establishment’s stance. The establishment may be happy by resorting to different tactics. It is surprising that the establishment does not realize that a large section of people are supporting Imran Khan only because of their hatred for Zardari, Sharif family and Fazlur Rehman. They believe that the establishment has supported parties that have been deliberately encouraging anarchy and agitations in the country. Or have been working on foreign agendas. This has already caused a lot of damage to the country and the country cannot afford any more political and economic instability.
Very few people know that for the last three decades, the leadership of Pakistan has been run by consulting its astrologers. This is a factor that very few people know about. When these people follow the advice of astrologers, they act and move according to the date and time given by them. This is why we feel so much irrationality in the behavior and reaction of our leadership. I wish and pray that Imran Khan should develop a positive and cool attitude towards politics and when you are in difficult situations, play an innings like Javed Miandad. In this tug of war between other politicians, Imran Khan and the establishment, the establishment may lose the trust of the people. And if the nation, God willing, loses faith in its only protector (Pakistan forces) against external aggression, then it can cause a lot of damage to Pakistan. However, the current political and economic situation demands that a respectable interim government be established as soon as possible and preparations should be started by announcing the date of the general elections. Although the current situation in the country is bad because the flood disasters are on the rise, the whole country is standing on the verge of destruction. To restore the economy and help the flood-affected people, the entire people, including the government, need the spirit of Pakistan. Just as the people of Pakistan played an active role in the 2005 earthquake, there is a need to help our countrymen in the current flood situation. It is hoped that the current government, Imran Khan and the establishment will not use all delaying tactics for the security, prosperity and welfare of the country, which is likely to create more chaos in the country. Until new general elections are announced in the country, the situation in the country will remain in the same state of uncertainty. In order to bring political and economic stability to the country, there is an urgent need for all political parties including the establishment and their leadership to make a solid plan and follow it.