Indian-sponsored terrorism we will retaliate

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has told India that if you think you will attack us and we will not think of retaliating, we will not think but retaliate. We all know starting a war is in the hands of humans, where it will lead us only God knows.

This issue should be solved through dialogue. Indian government has blamed the Pakistan government without any evidence. Pakistan had been the worst victim of curse of terrorism in the last fifteen years.

Pakistan is a peace-loving country and desires peace in the region for stability. India sponsored terrorism in Pakistan and Sri Lanka and is involved in training and arming the Sri Lankan Tamil group. India, through its intelligence RAW, provided arms, training and monetary support to six Sri Lankan Tamil insurgent groups including the LTTE.

Indian trained groups later carried out some of the most devastating terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. Indian terrorism in Pakistan even in past events resulted in debacle of East Pakistan in 1971 witnessing large scale massacre of non-Bengalis and pro-Pakistani population of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) by Awami League and Mukti Bahini.

Kandahar and Jalalabad, Afghanistan are accused of providing arms, training and financial aid to the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) in an attempt to destabilize Pakistan while India is supporting Baloch rebels.

Serving Indian Naval Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav was arrested in Pakistan, who was involved in fostering unrest in Pakistan & CPEC projects. The serving commander in the Indian Navy who was involved in subversive activities inside Pakistan and was arrested on 3 March 2016 during a counter-intelligence operation in Balochistan was involved in subversive activities in Balochistan and Karachi. Jadhav’s goal was to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor through propaganda – with Gwadar port as a special target – and also to create disharmony among the Baloch nationalist political parties.

multibillion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which is being called a “game-changer” in Pakistan, China’s “One Belt and One Road” or new Silk Road project – is a series of roads, railways, pipelines, hydropower plants and other development projects, being built from the restive Xinjiang province in China to Gwadar in southwestern Pakistan.
Indian intelligence agencies are trying to stir up anti-state sentiment in the region, Indian spies, contributing to a generally restrictive environment where criticism of CPEC. Indian plans to use Muslim recruits trained in Afghanistan to attack CPEC installations on the Karakoram Highway and other routes.

PTM is backed by foreign powers and their gatherings are “engineered” involvement of Indian agencies. India is trying to destabilise Pakistan while the Indian army targets civilian populations.

Propaganda and negativity is being spread in India after inauguration of Kartapura Corridor. The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan, having started just after the partition of India in 1947.

Kashmir remains a long pending unresolved issue on UN agenda since 1948. Decades of atrocities by Indian Occupation Forces have failed to suppress ever strengthening legitimate freedom struggle.

India is misleading the international community of Pulwama attack. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has offered to investigate the matter if India provides proof. This is a lame excuse. India accused the Pakistani government without providing any evidence, as it is the election year in India thus they desire to get boost in the election campaigns through these tactics.

Two nuclear-armed countries need to resolve their issues including the core issue of Kashmir so as to normalise their bilateral relationship. Pakistan has fought a successful war against terrorism so far.

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