KATI demands to allow industries to work


KARACHI: Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) had demand to allow all the industries for work and put off lockdown restrictions from the entire sector. In a statement released by the association President of KATI Sheikh Umer Rehan has urged the Federal and Provincial Governments that industrialist cannot bear the burn of restrictions on industries and now they are on the verge of financial failure, says a Press release.
He mentioned that due to prolonged lockdown restriction thousands of medium and small manufacturing units and factories could be closed permanently. He said that industry is the largest employment provider of the country and if it would face such conditions so it will certainly affect the large part of our population.
“Keeping this situation in view authorities should allow all industries to work without any discrimination, if some of the industries can follow the SOPs so why all cannot do the same” he added.
Sheikh Umer Rehan assured that industrialist are more than ready to follow the SOPs defined by governments now the time has come to make industrial sector fully functional, it is the only way to fight back the economic crisis. He also urged government to revisit the decision of granting six leaves for Eid.
He said in the current situation we can’t afford long vocations government should only give maximum three holidays for Eidul Fitr, this is the need of time to celebrate this festival with austerity and simplicity he added.