Martyrs and social media campaign

Martyrs and social media campaign

For a long time, India has been spreading hatred against the Pakistan Army through fake news and fake social media accounts. It is a pity that there are people in Pakistan too who spread hatred and offensive posts without thinking. This causes chaos in the society and the people become disorganized among themselves. The loss of which has to be borne by the entire country, similarly, in the campaign against the Pakistan Army, there are certainly people who are fulfilling the external agenda in such tactics, which aim to destabilize Pakistan internally and externally politically and economically.

In this background, a European Union report two years ago revealed thousands of fake websites, most of which were being operated from India, in which politicians’ statements and other content were posted through social media accounts. It is being twisted and presented in a toxic manner so as to defame Pakistan or sow the seeds of hypocrisy here, but the Pakistani people, politicians and the Pakistani forces are well aware of such dirty tactics. If they are sharing, they themselves are responsible for it. Pakistan Army has been dealing with such toxic tactics before and will be able to deal effectively with it in the future as well.

The world knows that the recent rains and subsequent floods have engulfed the entire country. Especially in Balochistan after the rains, the flood rails have caused havoc. So far, more than 600 people have died due to being washed away in the flood rails and other accidents across the country and there has been a large financial loss. Hundreds of houses have been destroyed. “Thousands of people have been rendered homeless, shops and businesses have been destroyed. Human life has suffered a lot.” The young people were active to save the human beings and their property. At the time when the helicopter of the Pakistan Army was conducting an aerial survey of the flood situation, the weather had turned very bad, due to which the accident took place because the situation had become very dangerous and the weather was very bad. It was so badly damaged that the eyesight was reduced to zero.

Despite the bad weather, Pakistan Army continued its activities to save human lives. They did not even care about their own lives. These young people who sacrificed their lives are the capital of the country. The Pakistan Army is also doing the work of ‘We pay our respects to the soldiers of the Pakistan Army who sacrificed their lives and understand that those who are unsuccessfully trying to destroy the role of the Pakistan Army’ in any way. “Patriots cannot be” because of the services and sacrifices of the Pakistan Army, the entire Pakistani people stand side by side with them. People who unjustly criticize the Pakistan Army cannot be well-wishers of the country and the nation. When in this hour of difficulty, from the soldiers to the senior officers of the Pakistan Army, they are engaged in this humanitarian service. There are those who are trying unsuccessfully to destroy the role of the Pakistan Army by making the sacrifices of the Pakistan Army controversial. We will always be proud of Pakistan Army.

The social media campaign of mocking the sacrifices of Pakistan’s martyrs and calling them bad is not only shameful but also terrifying; those who mock the sacrifices of the martyrs do not deserve any concession. Karbad promotes civilisation, which later turns into a major riot. What direction is our society going? In such situations, we are in dire need of self-accountability.

The hate campaign launched against the Pakistan Army on social media after the martyrdom of Corps Commander Quetta and five of his colleagues in a helicopter accident, who were personally monitoring the ongoing activities to help the countrymen affected by the terrible disasters of rain in Balochistan. Every intelligent Pakistani condemns this campaign. Hurtful and insulting campaigns on social media are unacceptable.

People who are trying to make fun of the martyrs do not deserve any concessions. Such people are playing into the hands of foreign anti-national agendas. Try to understand God’s time. “Our young generation does not need to be a victim of fifth generation war but should fight it” We need to understand that if there is a country then we are “and if there is an army then there is security.” In other words, both the country and the army are necessary. Both of them are with each other. No country can fully defend itself without an army.

If 22 people don’t have one opinion, then how can 22 crore people have one opinion? So let’s strengthen our relationship with Pakistan and Pakistan forces so that we can stay safe and our country too. External agendas have started “Fifth Generation War” to weaken Pakistan internally, which we have already mentioned many times in our columns, to isolate Pakistan internally and externally from the enemy. The nation and the army are well aware of the campaign launched against the Pakistan Army and are fully prepared to confront such elements. slot