What was lost and what was found?

What was lost and what was found?

Living nations celebrate their country’s independence by prostrating with renewed vows. Today, the nation is going to celebrate the 75th Independence Anniversary of the Kingdom of Godfather Pakistan on August 14 with national and national enthusiasm. The nation should know that our elders had made unparalleled sacrifices in the path of this freedom. Millions of women, children and the elderly had to pass through the river of fire and blood. The attainment of freedom was certainly a very difficult phase, in which the mercy, guidance and help of God Almighty was obtained.

August 14 is a very important day for Pakistanis. On this day, Pakistan came into being. Pakistan was founded on an ideology and after years of struggle, those who believed in one God, one Messenger, and one Quran, got a separate homeland under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The great sacrifices made by the Muslims of the subcontinent for achieving freedom was a clear proof of their unshakable faith and belief in the two-nation theory, as a result of which Pakistan finally came into existence.

As a nation, we should believe that every word of the Quaid-e-Azam has the status of a command for us and by following his orders and following the path shown by him, we can achieve the goal of a sustainable and stable state. What will be the state of Pakistan? What will be the style of government in it? What will be the duties of various departments and institutions here? How will the new kingdom strengthen its economy and trade? How will relations with neighbors be? How can we make our place in the ranks of developed nations? The Quaid-e-Azam gave the nation awareness and awareness in great detail about the state and its system. But we are a nation that forgot the orders of the Quaid and continued to take actions contrary to it.

Regarding the constitutional status of Pakistan and the duties of the Parliament, the Quaid said, “Remember that you are an independent legislative body and you have all the powers.” This means that you have a lot of responsibility in how you make decisions. The first duty of the government is to maintain law and order so that the state can fully protect the lives and property of its people and their religious beliefs.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also focused on the rights and protection of minorities, he said. “Minorities will be protected irrespective of their sect. Their religion or religion or belief will be protected. Their freedom of worship will not be interfered with. They will get protection of their religion, belief, their life and their culture. They will be citizens of Pakistan regardless of caste and creed.”

The Quaid-e-Azam called the youth as his strength and said, “My young friends!” My eyes are seeing you as the real builders of Pakistan. Do not allow yourself to be exploited and do not allow yourself to go astray. Keep complete unity and unity in your ranks. Your main job is to concentrate on your studies, that is your duty of loyalty to yourself, parents and country.”
There was no ambiguity in the mind of Quaid-i-Azam regarding the establishment of Pakistan, its ideology and system, so he kept informing the Muslims of the subcontinent and the world about the objectives of the establishment of Pakistan at every stage during the struggle for the establishment of Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam said in his speech at Islamia College Peshawar on January 13, 1948. “We did not demand Pakistan to get a piece of land, but we wanted to get a laboratory” where we could develop Islam. Be able to test the principles.”

After the demise of Quaid, the “interested group” made Pakistan a hotbed of problems instead of making it a laboratory of Islam for personal interests. Politicians have the primary responsibility of creating unity in the nation, but the chaos and distractions that are found in politics today, the intolerant attitude of the politicians are dividing the nation. Tolerance and tolerance are being replaced by hatred. Disagreements are going to personal enemies. Today, Pakistan is facing serious problems like political instability, inter-institutional conflict, corruption, energy crisis, inter-provincial and federal differences, militancy and extremism. At the same time, poverty, inflation and unemployment have made it impossible for the people of Pakistan to live.

A common Pakistani, poor, laborer is contributing to Pakistan’s coffers by paying taxes Ironically, in return, he is forced to live a miserable life. Even after paying so much tax, the state is not giving free education to the children of a common citizen, the disease does not get proper treatment. The situation is that fifty percent people are forced to live below the poverty line.

On the other hand, the annual cost of security and protocol of the President, Prime Minister, Ministers, advisers and assistants is 454.3 million rupees. The expenditure of the judiciary is 30 crore 45 thousand rupees and the expenditure of Islamabad police is 95 crore 46 lakh rupees. Landlords and corporate owners are heavily represented in Pakistan’s parliament, and most of the major political parties’ candidates are from the landlord or business class. According to the report of the World Organization (UNDP), 26 trillion 60 billion rupees ($17.4 billion) of Pakistan’s economy is spent on privileges of the elite. Economic incentives given to Pakistan’s elite, including the corporate sector, landlords, political class and the establishment, account for six percent of the country’s economy, which is about $17.4 billion.

The Quaid-i-Azam showed us every path that leads to progress and prosperity and warned against every trend that hinders the progress of nations. But we have been turning away from these golden rules for 75 years. The negative factors he advised to avoid. That became our national habit. We are not organized but scattered groups, we have preferred nepotism, individualism, personal and group interests. Justice is not our priority. Political interests have prevailed over national interests, the country has been left at the mercy of various mafias. Due to which the people remain helpless, the government is helpless and the system is in disarray. In one sentence, we as a nation are rapidly moving towards degradation instead of progress.

The reason for the decline is the deviation from the goal of the establishment of Pakistan and the principles of the Quaid-i-Azam. If we look at the journey after independence till today, it seems that we are not moving forward but backward. We have neglected 75 years. This is not Pakistan. Our elders have made many sacrifices to achieve this. Allah has blessed Pakistan with resources. But instead of utilizing these resources, we have kept the country mired in debt.

The political leaders of the country will have to think why we have not been able to achieve the goals for which the Muslims of the subcontinent had obtained a separate land. Today we need the same patriotic spirit that ran in the blood of our forefathers in the Pakistan movement. We have to get out of nationalities and communities and become one nation. We have to correct the deliberate or inadvertent mistakes we have made till date. And it has to be promised that after 25 years when we are celebrating 100 years of Pakistan, we will have eradicated poverty, there will have been revolutionary changes in education and health sector. The youth of Pakistan will prove to be an asset of the country. Justice will be the same for all.

We will become a lead nation out of communities and nationalities. Militarism and terrorism will end. Politicians will also show wisdom, awareness and understanding. will admit their defeat and strengthen the hands of the victors. The economy will also be stable and strong. Our foreign policy will be such that all countries of the world will look at it with respect and honor. Republic and democracy will be represented in Parliament.

Let us pledge today that we will become a better nation by following the orders of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Quaid-i-Azam had said.
“I have no doubt that unity, firm belief and organization are the main points that will not only keep us as the fifth largest nation in the world but will make us a better nation than any other nation in the world.”
Pakistan Zindabad… Long live Pakistan

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